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10 Best Recent Mattress Innovations to Revolutionize Your Sleep Time

10 Best Recent Mattress Innovations to Revolutionize Your Sleep Time

The  mattress  industry has been evolving rapidly, and the latest technology offers a dramatic makeover to mattresses of all sizes to enhance your sleep time. Technological advancements are redefining how you sleep by improving comfort levels and reshaping your sleep quality. You can find the  best mattress in India  equipped with an array of innovations like memory foam replacing coir beds, advanced cooling technology to prevent issues with eco-friendly materials to achieve a good night's sleep. 

Top 10 Mattress Innovations to Enhance Your Sleep Hours 

Below are amazing  mattress  designs for good sleep: 

Advanced Cooling Gel to Keep Body Heat at Bay 

It is a terrible experience to wake up feeling hot, which was one of the customers' major complaints when the  memory foam mattress  hit the market. When you feel hot while sleeping on a mattress, it can affect your sleep quality drastically. With the advent of cooling gel in the  mattress, there is no requirement to wake up from deep sleep feeling hot and sweaty every night. The cooling gel in the  best mattress in India, like the  Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress, is designed to acknowledge your body temperature by changing it into liquid when your body temperature is high and into semi-solid form when your body heat is normal. 

Pocket Spring Mattress for Ultimate Comfort 

Earlier, the  spring mattress  was sold stuffed with chemical-laced memory foam studded with traditional innerspring. But now, you have various options to choose from, as  mattress  technology is advancing at a consistent pace, which is why modern  spring mattress  is designed with individually pocketed springs. Go for  Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress  to fulfil your needs to own the  best mattress in India  that can achieve an impressive balance while providing excellent comfort and bounce. 

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Natural Latex Mattress to Keep Allergies Away 

Homeowners are making well-informed buying decisions when choosing a perfect  mattress, so they are eager to invest in the  best mattress in India  made from natural materials like latex. As the  latex mattress  is made using organic, hypoallergenic and natural latex material obtained from rubber trees, it cradles your body when on rest. The  Ecoair Latex Mattress  is designed with triple foam layers backed by the latest pinhole technology and cooling Tencel fabric to maintain the perfect ratio of bounce and softness.

Two Sides in One Dual Comfort Mattress

The  orthopaedic mattress  sold earlier were manufactured with tough materials, which might hurt your joints when used regularly. At the same time, some might be too soft, which can be uncomfortable to use during all seasons. This is why the latest technological innovation in the  mattress  arena has created a fantastic mattress with two layers to cater to the specific sleeping needs of the users.

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 Adjustable Beds for a Personalized Sleeping Experience 

Tired of tossing and turning or trying to fix a suitable sleeping position by propping up the  pillows?  Well, the positive news is that now you can buy adjustable beds with  mattress  powered by high-end technology to meet your specific sleeping requirements at the touch of a button. This remote-controlled  memory foam mattress  with an adjustable bed lowers your body aches and snoring to ensure undisturbed sleep. This  Matrix Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed  has triple modes to adjust the height and 5 preset adjustments with smart remote control operation. 

Zero Partner Disturbance Mattress 

Bid goodbye to disturbed sleep time when your spouse is shifting or turning while changing sides, as the latest innovation has given us a soft  memory foam mattress  powered with advanced no-partner disturbance technology. This  best mattress in India  has a body-supporting PU foam layer and memory foam. The body contouring prowess of the  Plus Memory Foam Mattress  assures undisturbed sleep even if your partner is moving in  bed.

Skin-Friendly Plant-Based Mattress Materials 

The mattresses these days are thoughtfully designed with plant-friendly materials like latex foam derived from natural rubber trees to assure an allergy-free sound sleep. The  memory foam mattress  is upgraded with an excellent Tencel cover made from soft, skin-friendly materials to feel cool against the skin. This latest  orthopaedic mattress  is also designed with an airy, breathable knitted fabric cover that feels cool against the skin and assures comfortable sleep. 

Body Temperature Regulating Mattress Top Layer 

If you tend to sleep hot, invest in an advanced mattress like the  Max Icefoam Orthopaedic Mattress, equipped with India's first proprietary Icefoam cooling technology and cooling gel  memory foam mattress  to prevent your body heat from getting locked in. This  orthopaedic mattress  with cooling gel ensures an adaptable and comfortable sleeping surface by regulating the temperature to let you enjoy long hours of deep sleep. 

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Spine-Friendly Mattress Design 

The  dual comfort mattress  has a super soft foam on the top to ensure impressive body contouring to relax those sore joints. The other side of the  dual comfort mattress  is made of firm PU foam to provide excellent body support without sinking in to ensure more hours of restorative sleep while enhancing spine and neck support. Choose  Lite Dual Comfort Mattress  to experience immersive hours of sleep in summer and winter by sleeping on your favourite side. 

Impressive Pinhole Technology for Excellent Sleep Quality 

The recent mattress innovation has led the way to the birth of pinhole technology that keeps the different foam layers of the  latex mattress  airy and breathable to prevent it from heating up. It doesn't matter if you sleep for several hours; this  mattress, backed by pinhole technology, can keep you cool. 

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Now that you know the latest innovations in the  mattress  arena, it is easier to pick the perfect one that best matches your sleeping preferences. Visit the website of  Doctor Dreams, as they specialize in offering mattresses of varied sizes and types to meet buyer requirements like spine health, sleeping hot, undisturbed sleep, and flexible options for the perfect sleeping position.

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