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All-in-one Guide To Striker Metal Beds And Its Designs

All-in-one Guide To Striker Metal Beds And Its Designs

Striker metal beds are perfect for people who love aesthetics in their bedrooms with their sleek features. The frames are made from wrought iron or carbon steel. Aside from being lighter in weight, they can also be transported more manageable than bulky wooden bed frames. 

A  striker metal bed  comes in various styles and designs, you can decorate your bedroom however you want. Keep reading to know what a  metal bed  is, its types, and its benefits to make an informed decision.

What are Striker Metal Beds?

Striker metal bed  frame can be made of steel, iron, or brass and is available in various styles and designs. Their durability and ease of maintenance make them a popular choice. It is common for shoppers to prefer intricately designed wrought iron metal beds that give a room an instant sense of sophistication. In contrast, others prefer the simple and modern looks that are becoming increasingly popular today. 

Depending on their construction, a  mattress  base may or may not be required for a  metal bed.  Alternatively, choose a frame with a simpler headboard and footboard. It is possible to fold or convert some  metal bed.  Under-bed storage is available on some models.

Striker Metal Beds Advantages

Below are some of the advantages of a  metal bed.

Long Lifespan

High-quality materials are used to manufacture highly durable metal beddings.  Metal beds  are firm, unlike wood or particle board, which can be infested by termites and break down over time. They cannot be affected by termites and can withstand substantial wear and tear. Here's a comparison of wood bed frames and metal bedding. The lifespan of  wood bed  frames is 5 to 10 years, while that of  metal bed  frames is 10 to 15 years or more. You can quickly repair metal bedding if it gets damaged.

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Modern and Stylish

Bed frames made of metal look sleek and modern. Having a range of metals, colours, and designs makes them incredibly adaptable and versatile. Various contemporary metal bedding is available in black and white with multiple designs that match your style and decor. It offers a cheery, stylish, and fashionable appearance with intricate headboards, grand finishing, and metalwork.

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Light in Weight

The lightweight design of  metal bed  frames makes them popular. Anyone who frequently rearranges their bedroom furniture or wants an easy-to-move bed should consider this option. Metal bedding weighs around 50 to 100 pounds, whereas wood frames weigh about 100 to 150 pounds. This is because metal bedding is often designed with slimmer profiles, resulting in their lightweight nature.

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Easy to Clean and Maintain

Cleanliness is one of the advantages of metal bedding over other types of beds. It is easy to wipe and maintain metal bedding. The smooth surface of the metal frames makes them less likely to gather dust. Metal bedding can also withstand cleaning agents like soap and water. In contrast, wooden bed frames are prone to moisture and chemicals.

An Affordable Option

The cost of a  metal bed  is lower than other bed frames. Bed frames made from metal are generally less expensive than those made from wood or fabrics of high quality. In addition, metal beddings are easier to manufacture, which reduces their cost. As a standalone product, metal bedding does not require any additional support. On the other hand, Wooden structures may need different support systems, making them more expensive.

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Have a Unique Aesthetic Appeal

With their light design and versatile mouldings, metal beddings add effortless elegance and luxury to any room. Compared to other materials requiring a lot of design work, metal is easier to work with. This allows furniture manufacturers and designers to offer various reasonably priced styles.

A wide selection of affordable and aesthetically pleasing  striker metal beds  are available to  buy bed online.

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Doctor Dreams Striker Metal Beds Features

Nothing is more classic than the Striker Bed for metal bedding. You won't hear any creaking, wobbling or groaning from the all-metal construction. Dust and mites won't be attracted to it like wooden beds are. So, there are no mites, fungi, or musty odours. Sleeping peacefully, refreshingly, and uninterruptedly is all you get with this striker bed.

Additionally, you can store things under the bed that would otherwise take up precious closet and cabinet space. Likewise, cleaning does not require much time. Whenever you feel the need, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Two colour options are available black and white. Choose the one that suits your decor and preference.

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Listed below are some of the unique features of striker beds.

Simple and Stylish Modern Bed

The  striker metal bed  is perfect for one who prefers a simple, minimalistic, durable bed. It is designed with robust reinforced materials and withstands wear and tear while blending well with your modern bedroom. A lightweight  metal bed  frame with a minimum  modern bed  design makes the striker easy to move. You can choose from a king, queen, or  single metal bed  based on your needs.

Anti-Rust Structure

Striker Metal Bed  has anti-rust properties. Dust, mites, and fungus do not gather on the Striker Bed like on wooden beds.

Effective Weight Control

Striker Bed is made of reinforced metal that supports any body type without creaking or cracking. Thanks to its weight management technology, you can sleep peacefully with the  striker metal bed,  even if you're a heavy sleeper. 

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Getting the  Striker metal bed  could be the solution to your bed-related problems.  Modern beds  in metal come in various designs, styles and sizes. The metal bedding in your home will therefore be stylish and contemporary. Choosing metal beds over wooden ones is excellent due to their fashionable designs and fabulous fashions. You can shop online for relevant products related to  single metal beds.  When you  buy bed online  at  Doctor Dreams,  you'll be amazed at the variety of product options, including design options, colour choices, and size options.

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