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Memory Foam Mattress- Significant Benefits Making It Worth Buying

Memory Foam Mattress- Significant Benefits Making It Worth Buying

A great  mattress  ensures you sleep peacefully without the perils of tossing and turning to find the perfect position. Knowing the importance of a good  mattress  is easy, but when you plan to  buy mattress online,  you need clarification. After all, there are so many choices, from a  memory foam mattress  to a spring mattress. So, which one is the best  home mattress  for you? Which is the  best mattress  that offers excellent support and ultimate comfort? A  memory foam mattress  offers ultimate comfort and support while enjoying your dream world. But first, let’s know the benefits of a  memory foam mattress  that make it the  best mattress

Memory Foam Mattress- What It Is And Why You Should Buy It 

The history of the  memory foam mattress  is as illustrious and impressive as its qualities. Created in the 1960s, it was first used for constructing the seats of NASA space aircraft. After its successful stint in the space, it was later used for sports helmets, hospital beds and shoe soles. Then seeing its amazing comfort and therapeutic benefits, it was used to construct the  home mattress. Memory foam was constructed using a temper foam initially known as “slow spring back foam”. And as its name suggests, it absorbs pressure, deforms and gradually returns to its original form after removing pressure. So, a  memory foam mattress  is viscoelastic. Viscoelastic means a memory foam mattress has a slow response (viscous) and is elastic with a low resistance to pressure and high flexibility. These two distinct qualities of a  memory foam mattress  make it the  best mattress. It contours to your body form when you lay on it, and once you get up, it gradually returns to its original shape, making it the best  home mattress.

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Benefits of the memory foam mattress

Superior Support And Comfort 

The most distinct feature of a  memory foam mattress  is its superior contouring ability. When you lay down on it, it moulds itself to your body form, and you feel like you are softly sinking into it comfortably. You can suddenly get up from the  memory foam mattress  to observe your body’s imprint. When you sleep on it, it hugs your body warmly, contouring itself to your body shape. Its contouring gives you  better back support  and relieves stress from pressure points. Thus, making it the  best mattress for back pain. When you nap on a firm  mattress, your body weight presses your pressure points. Therefore, your shoulders, knees and hips may feel sore after sleeping on a firm  mattress. However, a  memory foam mattress  avoids this. It offers respite for your pressure points by evenly distributing your weight, as it has less resistance to pressure. It also aligns your spine correctly while providing ultimate support. For these reasons, a  memory foam mattress  is the  best mattress for back pain  and ideal for people who need  better back support

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Better Motion Isolation and Low Noise Transfer 

When you sleep with your partner, you and your partner get disturbed due to the other person rolling, moving or shifting positions. Resulting in disturbed sleep and poor sleep quality. Most mattresses transfer motions to the other side of the mattress. And some mattresses, due to coil and spring structure, may creak and squeak with every movement. So, even if one is not disturbed by the other person’s movement, doesn’t feel the movement, or even sleeps alone, the squeaking will disturb their sleep. With its dense foam construction, the  memory foam mattress  has no such issue. It has a low motion transference. So, even if one person walks or gets up on the other side, you will not feel their movement and sleep peacefully. Its viscoelastic properties offer a stable sleeping surface that is not disturbed or affected by movement on the other side. So, a memory foam mattress is ideal for a peaceful and uneventful slumber, even when you are or sleep with a restless sleeper. To enjoy the joys of sound sleep,  buy mattress online

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Most people shy away from a  spring mattress  as its spring structure has large open areas. And those open areas may invite bedroom allergens such as mould and dust mites to congregate, leading to grave trouble in case people have allergies or asthma. However, a  memory foam mattress, on the other hand, has a dense construction. So, fewer chances of a gathering of dust mites or mould. Moreover, memory foam mattresses are typically resistant to common bedroom allergens. Therefore, a  memory foam mattress is considered hypoallergenic. 

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Convenience Of Purchase 

Long gone are the time when there was no option to  buy mattress online. One needed to visit a  mattress  warehouse or big-box store and search the maze of mattresses to get the perfect  mattress. The mattresses’ options were limited to spring or coil ones. And then, after selecting a  mattress, worry about how to get the  mattress  safely home. The mattresses were bulky and had a spring or coil structure, so transporting them was a major hassle. Even though you could  buy mattress online, the coil structure still made transporting them difficult. They couldn’t be rolled as it would destroy their construction. With the introduction of memory foam mattresses, it all changed. Now you can  buy mattress online  without a worry for safe delivery. The  memory foam mattress  can be easily rolled and shipped without damaging its structure or quality. 

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After reading about these fantastic benefits of memory foam mattresses, all your doubts pertaining to your purchase are indeed long gone. You can confidently purchase a  memory foam mattress  and enjoy a comfy and sound sleep. To buy a quality  memory foam mattress  online at the best price, choose  Doctor Dreams.

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