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Memory Foam Pillow from Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal
  • The Doctor Dreams Memory Gel Infused Pillow comes in three variants - Regular, Slim, and Contour. Regular: supports head and neck muscles for side, back and stomach sleeping positions Slim: narrow edges to support neck and back alignment Contour: curved contour and different heights at both ends to support neck, head and shoulders The pillow is made by combining traditional memory foam and cooling gel technology It provides comfort and support to the neck and spine as well as a cooling effect The pillow cover is made of bamboo with natural anti-allergic properties It has a removable zipper cover for easy cleaning The ventilated cover keeps away heat and moisture The pillow is antibacterial, anti-dust and mite The exclusive cooling technology provides sound and comfortable sleep Contour : 60cmx38cmx10cm

MRP. Rs. 1,999 15% off New
Rs. 1,699
Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal
  • The height of Doctor Dream Shredded Memory foam pillow is highly adjustable.This pillow comes with an outer and inner cover that allows access to inside filling.

  • Product Size: 60cm X 40cm

MRP. Rs. 1,299 15% off New
Rs. 1,104
Bread Pillow from Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal
  • This pillow with a blended weave of plush Tencel threads, Microfiber (D.L) filling and a removeable pillow acts like a coolent and provides support

  • The cover is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cools five times faster than traditional polyster

MRP. Rs. 3,999 15% off Rs. 3,399
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