• 5 Books to Read Before Bedtime

    5 Books to Read Before Bedtime

    A good book and a good night’s sleep go hand in hand. It’s time to turn on your night lamp, cuddle up on your mattress and maybe have some hot cocoa on standby. Here are 5 books you should consider reading before turning in for the night:   Wonderby R.J. Palacio What a wonderful book ‘Wonder’ is! It is one of those rare gems...
  • Can Music Help You Sleep Better?

    Can Music Help You Sleep Better?

    We are more than familiar with the expression- music for every mood. Let alone individual songs, we have full-fledged playlists ready on our phones for when we are sad, heartbroken, happy, newly in love, furious and (er…) sleepy? Whether music helps us to catch some Zzzs, it is still a disputed issue and neurologists, psychologists and other healthcare experts won’t sleep on it. But...
  • 5 Fascinating Sleeping Facts

    5 Fascinating Sleeping Facts

    We spend one third of our day sleeping which sums up to one third of our entire life drifted in our respective dreamlands. But, let’s face it! we don’t know all that much about sleep. Like if we tell you that taking more than five minutes to fall asleep might mean that you are sleep deprived, would you believe it? It’s true! Sleep… is...
  • 7 Super Foods Igniting Sleepy Moods

    7 Super Foods Igniting Sleepy Moods

    Summary: Some believe sleep is just a state of mind and the food quality doesn’t affect the sleep cycle. However, food you consume directly affects your sleeping pattern and other functions in the body. Consuming nutritious food itself is a medicine and a cure to all your health problems. Hence, read through this article to know more about some nutritional food items that will...
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