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Doctor Dreams Doctor Dreams
Doctor Dreams Doctor Dreams
Doctor Dreams Doctor Dreams
Doctor Dreams Doctor Dreams
Doctor Dreams Doctor Dreams
Doctor Dreams Doctor Dreams


Technology dreamed up by true sleep enthusiasts, from king size mattress to queen size mattress and double bed mattress to even single bed mattress. Make your choice by comparing the features you desire the most, you will get great value for your money and a very good night’s sleep for years and years.


Do you jostle and scrunch and fluff up your pillows and cushions every time you sleep? It is because your old, weary pillow is letting you down. If you like something that is soft, fluffy and can stay that way for years, look no further than Doctor Dreams Pillows.


A shield for your dreams, Tailored from super soft, absorbent microfibre material on a platform of Tencel fabric, this easy to install mattress cover completely cocoons your mattress and keeps it safe from dust, spillage and humidity.

Our Family of products

Assurity like
no one else

10 Years Warranty

Stay protected from any manufacturing defect for a decade.

100 Nights free trial

Take your time, give it a good go. And if you still aren’t happy, we’ll give you your money back.

Free Shipping

Get free doorstep delivery of any of our products anywhere in India.

Doctor Dreams


Amazing orthopedic product

Recently I have bought mattress from Doctor Dreams. I would like to share a short description about my experience on the product. It has been very comfortable very smooth and absolutely been my perfect sleep therapy and i would like to include I am satisfied with the quality provided by the Doctor Dreams.

Thank you doctor for comfy dreams

Great product! Awesome customer service, got exactly what I was promised. The instruction call was on time, and consistency of the feedback mechanism was impressive. Keep going! Hope to see more products from the bunch. Cheers!

Best Product

Once you get habituated with doctor dreams mattress you won't be able to sleep on any other mattresses. You just get habituated with the next level comfort which is difficult to find.
Salman shaikh


It comes with easy Unboxing. Which means you won't have any problem in installing it on your bed. Also after installing it you can just have the best nap of your life.
Shoaib Ansari

Worth buying.

I ordered Doctor dreams mattresses for all the rooms of my hotel. I've used it personally and it's a prime product and I really like it.Also, the mattresses were delivered so fast without shelling out an extra penny, really grateful to Doctor dreams.
Doctor Dreams


Surround yourself with these soothing soundscapes that will slowly, but surely, lull you to sleep.


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Doctor Dreams
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