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Single Size

Considering the range of mattress sizes available, it isn’t easy to decide which mattress size best suits your needs. Even though the size of the mattress is dependent on the bed, there are many other factors that come into play when selecting a mattress by size.

The standard mattress sizes are single, queen, king, and diwan size. If you have a small room or your requirement is for a single person, a single size bed and single mattress would be most suitable.

However, choosing the mattress size also depends on one's sleeping style. Studies show that an average person moves about 40 times during their sleep. Many people have the habit of turning their full body, tossing over sides, and spreading their legs in different directions while sleeping. So, now you can imagine that a single size mattress might not be sufficient for these people.

For those who tend to not move and don’t require a lot of space while sleeping, the single size mattress would be a perfect choice. Kids and adults of petite size can be comfortable on single mattresses. Single size mattresses come in different sizes: 72 in, 75 in, and 78 in by 36 in.

A single size mattress has many advantages. First, a single size bed and single mattress require less space in the bedroom. Second, because they are smaller compared to the other sizes, they are cheaper. What is more, they are easy to move because they’re not heavy. They require one pillow and bedding set, which makes it easy to store them.

Another important factor to consider when buying a single mattress is the material and design. Different brands offer different designs. Doctor Dreams offers single size mattresses of different types.

The hybrid pocket spring mattress in single size is designed to provide better sleep with a combination of spring, soft foam, and knitted soft quilt cover.

The Doctor Dreams max cool gel orthopedic mattress and plus orthopedic mattress are designed to provide support and comfort to those suffering from back pain, recovering from injuries, and the aged.

The lite dual comfort mattress by Doctor Dreams is made from layers of soft comforting material, PU foam and soft knitted cover.

Once you select your single bed mattress, you must them find the right kind of pillow and bedding - blanket, duvet, pillow protector and mattress protector to ensure cleaner, sounder and more comfortable sleep.

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Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress
  • This three-layered orthopaedic mattress is perfect for peaceful sleep

  • The top layer of Green gel foam keeps the mattress cool, followed by memory foam which adapts to your body shape and the base is the 100% PU foam.

MRP. Rs. 11,699 30% off Rs. 8,162
Plus Orthopaedic Mattress
  • This twin-layered mattress combines comfort with modern-day convenience.

  • The top layer is memory foam that aligns perfectly with your spine and the base layer is 100% PU Foam that rebounds back to its original shape.

MRP. Rs. 9,199 35% off Rs. 5,902
Lite Dual Comfort Mattress
  • This three-layer mattress is crafted with soft and comforting materials that work in perfect harmony to allow sound sleep

  • The top layer of super soft foam allows body moulding , offering instant relaxation

MRP. Rs. 7,249 39% off Rs. 4,401
Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress
  • The top layer is followed by temperature-regulated soft foam designed to pull heat away from your body, keeping you cool.

  • The innerspring support system with a high density of spring adapts to heavier areas of your body to provide the required comfort.

MRP. Rs. 11,099 35% off New
Rs. 7,183
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