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Buy a Mattress in Pune

The sprawling city of Pune is one of the most livable in India. Its pleasant climate, greenery, places of entertainment, sports facilities, museums, art, culture and food, makes it a perfect place to set up a home.

However, just like other cities, life in Pune can get hectic. After a long work day, all you’d want to do is hit the bed on a comfortable mattress. If you’re looking to buy a mattress in Pune, you’ll have to make a trip to several markets. Or, there’s a better option - buy online.

To buy a mattress online in Pune is easier than you had thought. In fact, buying a mattress online from anywhere is simple and convenient. You just need to do a few things to make sure you choose a good mattress.

First, you should determine the size of the mattress. It depends on the size of your bed. Whether it’s a king size bed, queen, or single bed, you’ll find king size, queen size, diwan size, and single mattresses online.

Choose a mattress based on your preference of thickness, material, and budget. Another key factor when selecting a good mattress is the technology or design. Today, you’ll find mattresses made of advanced technology and materials that are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of customers.

One of the best online mattress stores is Doctor Dreams. At Doctor Dreams, you’ll find a range of mattresses - orthopedic mattress, memory foam mattress, hybrid pocket spring mattress and cooling gel technology orthopedic mattress, among others.

Doctor Dreams delivers across Pune; and guess what, shipping is free. The mattress is packed in an easy-to-unbox packaging, which doesn’t require too much space if you need to store it in your house. Doctor Dreams mattresses come with a 100 nights free trial and 10 years warranty period.

The 100 nights free trial feature means you can use the mattress for as many days and return it before the end of 100 nights. Doctor Dreams offers a full refund. However, this feature is applicable to some mattresses and so, it’s advisable to speak to a Doctor Dreams representative to understand the terms and conditions.

The icing on the cake - Doctor Dreams mattresses are low maintenance and easy to clean. This gives a lot of respite to professionals in Pune, as cleaning and home maintenance requires a lot of time and effort. But not if you have a Doctor Dreams mattress.

Doctor Dreams mattresses are safely packed and delivered to your doorstep. Got an issue after the mattress is delivered? No problem. The fantastic and ever helpful teams will help you out with every query. Doctor Dreams is a brand known for best quality - may it be of its mattresses or of its customer service.

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Max ICEFOAM Orthopaedic Mattress from Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal
  • This three-layered orthopaedic mattress is perfect for peaceful sleep

  • The top layer of Green gel foam keeps the mattress cool, followed by memory foam which adapts to your body shape and the base is the 100% PU foam.

MRP. Rs. 11,699 31% off Rs. 7,975
Striker Metal Bed from Doctor Dreams By Nilkamal
  • This Striker metal bed is the perfect piece around which you can create a light, breezy sleeping place for you and your loved ones. A welcome sight after a long day, this metal bed is stylish enough to take centerstage, and understated enough to fit in a corner.

  • Of all the metal beds online, what makes the Doctor Dreams Striker Bed your best option is that it has such a classic feel. the reinforced, all-metal construction won’t creak, wobble or groan under pressure.

MRP. Rs. 15,999 56% off New
Rs. 6,999
Lite Dual Comfort Mattress
  • This three-layer mattress is crafted with soft and comforting materials that work in perfect harmony to allow sound sleep

  • The top layer of super soft foam allows body moulding , offering instant relaxation

MRP. Rs. 7,249 34% off Rs. 4,725
Plus Memory Foam Mattress
  • This twin-layered mattress combines comfort with modern-day convenience.

  • The top layer is memory foam that aligns perfectly with your spine and the base layer is 100% PU Foam that rebounds back to its original shape.

MRP. Rs. 9,199 29% off Rs. 6,497
Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow From Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal
  • The pillow is made by combining traditional memory foam and cooling gel technology, It provides comfort and support to the neck and spine as well as a cooling effect.

  • The ventilated cover keeps away heat and moisture, The pillow is antibacterial, anti-dust and mite.

MRP. Rs. 3,999 59% off New
Rs. 1,635
Essential Oil Pillow Spray from Doctor Dreams By Nilkamal
  • Improves your sleep quality and daytime wakefulness with this unique blend of lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, jasmine and vanilla

  • It helps ease into sleep faster

MRP. Rs. 299 30% off Sold Out
Rs. 207
Grande Wood and Metal Hybrid Bed
MRP. Rs. 23,999 49% off Rs. 12,006
Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress from Doctor Dreams By Nilkamal
  • The top layer is followed by temperature-regulated soft foam designed to pull heat away from your body, keeping you cool.

  • The innerspring support system with a high density of spring adapts to heavier areas of your body to provide the required comfort.

MRP. Rs. 11,099 40% off New
Rs. 6,639
Bread Pillow from Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal
  • This pillow with a blended weave of plush Tencel threads, Microfiber (D.L) filling and a removeable pillow acts like a coolent and provides support

  • The cover is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cools five times faster than traditional polyster

MRP. Rs. 5,999 33% off Rs. 3,965
Aroma Diffuser Oil from Doctor Dreams By Nilkamal
  • The Aroma oil is a unique blend of essential oils that calms your mind, body and soul

  • This unique blend of lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, jasmine and vanilla improves your sleep quality and daytime wakefulness

MRP. Rs. 199 27% off New
Rs. 145
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