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It is time to spice up your bedroom with Doctor Dreams. Get everything you need for your bedroom delivered straight to your door with a few clicks or taps.

Matrix Smart Adjustable Bed

A futuristic bed that adapts to your comfort level
5 Sleep Presets
Remote control
Modern Design
MRP.Rs. 74,999
Special price Rs. 39,999
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Striker Metal Bed

A classic, sturdy bed comes with re-enforced metal to add sturdiness to style.
Tough Metal
Anti Rust
MRP.Rs. 15,999
Special price Rs. 7,499
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Velvette Upholstered Bed

New-age bed with lightweight engineering and elegant modernism fits your fast...
Velvette Sides
MRP.Rs. 20,990
Special price Rs. 10,999
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Grande Wood and Metal Hybrid Bed

An elegant, minimalist bed perfectly complements your fast-paced modern lifes...
Wood & Metal
Modern style
MRP.Rs. 23,999
Special price Rs. 12,999
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Acacia Solid Wooden Bed

A stylish wooden bed with a honey brown wood tone delivering elegance.
Acacia Wood
Tough Build
Mite Free
MRP.Rs. 42,000
Special price Rs. 23,999
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It is time to spice up your bedroom with Doctor Dreams. Get everything you need for your bedroom delivered straight to your door with a few clicks or taps.


The short answer is for your health. A good bed provides a stable foundation for your body to rest and sleep. It could be a solid wooden bed or a fashionable metal bed that will last longer and save you money on replacements. It should also be trendy and contemporary, such as a stylish upholstered bed or an elegant metal and wood hybrid bed. There are Smart Recliner Beds too that adapt to your sleeping needs. Doctor Dreams has all these beds and more precision crafted for your 'Happy Sleep'.


Our Bed Collection
Doctor Dreams Beds are precision engineered to meet your sleeping needs. Our beds are custom-made to fit Indian homes. Consider the minimalist Striker Metal bed with reinforced metal or the elegant Grande bed with a wood-metal hybrid frame. We also have the classic Acacia Wooden Bed and the modern Velvette Upholstered Bed. The Matrix Smart Adjustable Bed is a futuristic bed that adjusts to suit your sleeping position. Choose one of these for your bedroom to start sleeping healthy today!

1: Velvette Upholstered Bed
Are you still putting up with that stiff, 20th-century bed? Doctor Dreams is here to change this forever. The time has come for you to upgrade to the Velvette king-size upholstered bed. A refined, minimalist bed that elevates your sleeping comfort to new heights. Its solid wooden base and metal legs keep the bed light, while the soft upholstered corners add style. Even in a minimal configuration, it supports up to 300 kg of body weight; that's way more load-bearing capacity than some of the heaviest beds. The light yet durable design, chic style, and under-bed space make Velvette a classic modern bed without storage.

2: Striker Metal Bed
Do you need a single metal bed for your space-constrained room? If so, you've come to the right place because the Striker Metal Bed is perfect for you. The reinforced metal structure of the Striker binds sturdiness and style together. It comes in two colours: bold black and elegant white, and provides a comfortable place to sleep. The reliable foundation of the bed offers firm support for you and your mattress. All you have to do is place your preferred mattress on top and rest easy, knowing your bed is strong, safe, and sturdy. Because of its sturdy metal bed frame and minimalist design, the Striker is an ideal bed without storage.

3: Grande Wood and Metal Hybrid Bed
If you wish to style your bedroom with something modern and fashionable, the Grande bed is for you. Inspired by minimalism and modernism, the Grande is a well-constructed wood and metal hybrid bed with a charming design. The sophisticated appeal of this bed adds an air of elegance and modernity to your decor. Despite being lightweight, the Grande does not compromise on sturdiness thanks to its toughened, long-lasting foundation. You can rest assured that your precious sleep is protected. The modern-classic Grande metal bed provides comfort and support. Choose your favourite colour to adorn your home with a stylish bed without storage.

4: Matrix Smart Adjustable Bed
Are you tired of turning around in bed, looking for a comfortable sleeping position? Allow the Matrix Adjustable Bed to take care of you! While most modern beds do little to improve your sleep, the high-tech Matrix Adjustable Bed goes so far as to adjust itself to ensure your sleeping convenience. With five comfort-enhancing presets, you can set the Matrix bed to your preferred position—that too, with a single click. The futuristic Matrix Recliner Bed is all set to be your go-to companion whether you want to Netflix and Chill, read a book, or unwind. It is time to elevate to a state of blissful comfort. Get your Matrix bed today.

5: Acacia Solid Wooden Bed
When it comes to rest, nothing beats a solid wooden bed. The Acacia Wooden Bed is a luxurious piece of furniture with a gorgeous design, premium quality, and lasting durability. It is everything a solid wooden bed should be and more. Crafted from selected premium acacia wood, this solid bed has a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 kilogrammes. Acacia wood not only strengthens the bed; it also exudes a rich aesthetic appeal. It is perfect for Indian homes, whether modern or traditional. The beauty of this bed stems from its skilled woodwork and warm honey-brown tone. If you're looking for a long-lasting and beautifully crafted wooden bed online, don't pass up this classic Acacia wooden bed.

Things to keep in mind while buying a bed

The bed is arguably one of the most comfortable places in any home. Here are four simple questions you should answer to find the perfect bed for your home.
1. How big is your room?
The size of the bed you need depends on the size of your room.
2. For whom are you buying it?
The type of bed you require will differ depending on whether it is for yourself or your family.
3. What is your desired aesthetic?
The interior design of your room will determine whether you choose a wooden, metal, or hybrid bed.
4. What is your budget?
Your budget will dictate the type of bed you can purchase.

Now that you have the most important questions answered, browse our carefully curated collection of world-class beds.

Last words

Beds are rare furnishings that make your home comfortable and make you feel at your best. Our desire to deliver 'Happy Sleep for everyone' drives everything we do at Doctor Dreams. Each of our products, including the beds, reflects our desire to make your life easier, more comfortable, and healthier. Buy your next new bed from Doctor Dreams and get a 10-year warranty, free shipping, easy unboxing, and a 100-night free trial. Happy Sleeping!


You can order an awesome bed right here, right now! Just place an online order and leave the rest to us. Small to spacious, simple design to spectacular look, multifunctional to folding bed; we’ve got it all. If you want to see it before you buyit , you can visit your nearest Doctor Dreams outlet.

A few aspects should be kept in mind when you buy beds.
Which material and bedroom look do you prefer? (Metal frame = clean and minimal, wooden frame = elegant, hybrid = trendy.)
How much resting area do you need? (Check the dimensions then choose between single, queen, and king sizes)
What’s your budget for a new bed? (From the simplest to the most high-tech, there are a variety of options available)
Beds are a long-term investment, so consider these factors carefully.

There are three types of beds out there - wooden, metal, and hybrid (a mix of wood + metal)
We ensure unbroken rest with bed materials that are durable and long-lasting.
Our wooden beds are classy, premium quality, timeless, and add character.
Metal beds are minimalistic, easy to assemble, lightweight, and have free storage underneath.
Hybrid options bring the best of both. If you want a high-tech option, go for the Matrix Smart Adjustable Bed.

When thinking of bed size, there are two factors to consider - How many people does it need to accommodate? And what sort of sleeper are you?
Beds by Doctor Dreams come in single, queen, and king sizes. For one person, a single bed should be spacious enough. For more, go for larger double bed options. Be sure to look at the bed dimensions before buying.

You can order an awesome bed right here, right now! Just place an online order and leave the rest to us. Small to spacious, simple design to spectacular look, multifunctional to folding bed; we’ve got it all. If you want to see it before you buyit , you can visit your nearest Doctor Dreams outlet.

Doctor Dreams beds are delivered unassembled. They can be assembled in less than a few minutes by following the instruction manual.

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