Early Risers Vs Night Owls – Doctor Dreams
Banner of Night Owls vs. Early Risers

This season, we’re giving you 2 new teams to cheer for. Welcome to the Happy Sleep League!

If you have been spotted on morning walks, participate in breakfast outings and love the sound of birds chirping in the morning, then by definition you are Team Early Risers!

If you sleep late, haven’t seen sunrise in ages, snooze the alarm multiple times and still ask for 5 more minutes of sleep, then you belong to Team Night Owls!


In this matchup between an Early Riser and a Night Owl, whose team are you on? Represent your team by filling the form below and tell us why you are an Early Riser or a Night Owl. The team with the most players wins, so start recruiting your friends to your team! Be sure to follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to improve your chances of winning

Contest ends on 01-11-2020


10 winners will be chosen from the leading team, based on their creative answers.
2 Doctor Dreams mattresses and 8 vouchers (Rs. 1000/-) are up for grabs!


Terms & Conditions

  • The vouchers cannot be combined with any other voucher or discount
  • The vouchers can be redeemed on https://doctordreams.com/ only
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the management will be final and binding
  • All disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only
  • Other conditions apply
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