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Striker Metal Bed

Nice product...

Awesome !

Too good furniture !

Modern and Strong

A modern and stylish bed frame in king size from Doctor Dreams. Its Wood and Metal Structure is a great combination and is very very sturdy. It's a great deal to get a modern and strong bed.

Pocket Friendly

This bed is my kind of bed frame. Its pocket friendly, looks modern and minimalistic and is made with high quality materials. I don't have to break my back everytime I have to move this single bed in a metal frame.

Budget Friendly

It's an excellent wood and metal structure bed and with the mattress this frame is perfect height from the floor. It looks great and quite modern.

Very Comfortable

When I first looked at the bed after unboxing, it totally blew away my mind. I love the way the bed looks and the feel as it's very comfortable. A definite recommendation.

Very Comfortable and Comfy

Waking up every morning overjoyed and yet peaceful is the best feeling in the world. This has been possible only because of my recent purchase of a blanket. It is very comfortable and comfy. I cuddle up with myself every evening and wake up all fresh.

Very Comfortable

We received it as a present on our home warming and it was the best gift for us. We love it because it is soft and very comfortable. A very cozy blanket for a good sleep.

Very Happy :)

The feeling of being tucked up in a comfy blanket every night is beyond words. I ordered a weighted blanket online and it was neatly packaged in a box and delivered for free. I am very happy and will highly recommend it.

Good Quality

A good blanket is very important for a sound sleep. Using a Doctor Dreams blanket gives us a lot of comfort and we feel rejuvenated each morning.

Good Quality Product

A slim and durable bed that also looks very stylish. We ordered our queen size bed online a few days ago and I was very happy with my great find and buy. A very good quality bed that looks awesome.

Very Affordable

My purchase of a king size metal bed from Doctor Dreams has exceeded my expectations. The details of the design of the metal bed is phenomenal and it is very affordable. I would give it 5 stars for sure!

Very Comfortable and Strong

A beautiful bed at an affordable price. It looks classy and was delivered to me in time. We purchased a queen size bed and it looks perfect with the rest of the interiors. It's very comfortable and strong.

Great Product in Low Budget

We got a queen size Grande Wood and Metal that looks very elegant and is extremely compact which makes my room shine. I am delighted with my purchase and have recommended my friends and family about this brand. They are responsive and the ordering process is very simple too.

High Quality Blanket

Investing in a weighted blanket online from Doctor Dreams has been a good choice for me. It gives me quality sleep and cozy relaxation.

Delightful Experience

A delightful experience using a comforter blanket from Doctor Dreams. I have a pleasant and restful sleep. I have an untroubled sleep through the night and the blanket feels like a gentle massage on me.

High Quality and Comfortable

The quality of my sleep has gotten better ever since I am using the blanket I ordered from Doctor Dreams. The comforter blanket is very cozy and soft. A high quality comfortable blanket.

Very Soft Fabric

An easy way to practice self-care at an affordable price. I wake up every morning fresher and more relaxed.

Satisfying Experience

After a long day at work, sleeping in the blanket I purchased online is a very satisfying experience. I am all snug as a bug in a rug watching a movie first and then falling to sleep. The best gift I bought for myself.

Value for Money

Goodbye to tired mornings. After using a blanket from Doctor Dreams I wake up feeling energised and recharged as I sleep very well through the night.

More Comfort and Softness

An upgraded blanket with more comfort. It is very soft and I love the feeling of sleeping with it. A very well designed blanket, looks good and very functional.

Very Satisfying

A very satisfying experience using the blanket I ordered online. It is very reasonably priced and an excellent product. I sleep well all night and wake up very restful.

Excellent quality.

Good quality with sturdiness

Excellent quality.

Good product with great comfort

Excellent quality.

Everything great . Gives great comfort.

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