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Doctor Dreams Mattress Care Instructions

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Mattress Care Instructions

  1. Make your good morning great.
  2. Where other foam mattresses settle for good, Doctor Dreams MAX aims for spectacular. A harmony of three kinds of foams and two different fabrics that lures you to deep sleep. Combining the most advanced sleep science in the world with the most dependable craftsmanship to ensure that you wake up with a spring in your step.
  3. It’s an original design, but we have borrowed the tech from NASA.
  4. All beds tend to capture and retain body warmth. But we get deeper and more restful sleep when our body temperature is lower. A layer of gel foam on the top of Doctor Dreams MAX helps dissipate your body heat, keeping you cool, sweat-free and comfortable throughout the night. With or without AC.
  5. Max support, max comfort, max value for money.
  6. No matter you like to sleep, this bed mattress adapts to your sleeping posture and envelops you in a bubble of serenity night after night. And to think that you get such a wholly matchless experience at a very competitive mattress price. The high quality of materials used, sturdy engineering and washable TENCEL fabric will keep your investment brand new for years to come. We call it Doctor Dreams MAX for a reason.
  7. If not many of your friends buy mattress online and that has you doubting, relax. Sleep over it, literally. Take a good three months. If incredibly high quality doesn’t match the unbelievably low mattress price, we will gladly refund your purchase.

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