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How Long Should a Bed and Mattress Long?

How Long Should a Bed and Mattress Long?

A deep slumber, comfortable time and a proper place to rest are essential for a rejuvenated feeling the next day. A best-quality  mattress  is a worthy investment that should last in the long haul without immediate wear and tear. If you are wondering what is the average lifespan of a  bed and mattress combo this blog will explain the factors influencing them and the average lifespan depending on the mattress type. Explore the  bed and mattress combo  online to grab high-quality pieces for your bedroom.

What Are the Factors That Influence the Mattress’s Lifespan?

Let us discuss the key factors that affect the lifespan of your  mattress


The  bed and mattress combo's  lifespan depends on the quality of the  mattress  and the base of the  bed.  An entry-level mattress or a slate base will wear out over time than a high-end  bed and mattress combo.


The material that goes into the making of the  bed mattress combo  has a major impact on their lifespan. Generally, the materials used for making are wood, fibre or metal. 

Maintenance and Care

A  bed and mattress combo  can last long with everyday care regimes like cleaning, using  mattress  protective covers and maintaining them according to manufacturer guidelines. 

Hours of Usage

The average lifespan of a  bed and mattress combo  can vary depending on whether it is a guest room  mattress  or a daily-use mattress. If you sleep on the same bed mattress every day for more than 10 years, chances are the mattress is meeting its end. 

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Sleep Position and Capacity of the Mattress

The wear and tear of a  bed mattress combo  depends on your sleep position and the weight your mattress supports. For instance, you may encounter premature sagging due to heavy-weight sleepers, while sagging around the hips and shoulders is predominant for side sleepers. If you place more weight on your  mattress  each night, it may wear out faster. To make the mattress last long, look for a bed mattress with higher foam densities.

Mattress Type

If you have a latex, polyfoam or  memory foam mattress,  your  bed mattress combo  is likely to last for 10 years. Spring bed mattresses combo can break down sooner due to loss of elasticity and last from four to six years. Popping is common for waterbeds and air bed mattresses combo and last for only a few years.

Buy a  combo offer online  and grab your favourite  king size bed and mattress combo, queen size bed mattress combo or single bed and mattress combo.

The Average Lifespan of Different Mattress Types

Latex Mattress

The average lifespan of  latex mattresses  is seven to eight years, with powerful durability and good resistance to sagging. It has a fair to good resistance to premature softening, sagging and body impressions topping the list. If the bed base is not strong enough to hold latex mattresses, lifespan can come down. If you buy a  combo offer online,  you will benefit from premium quality and huge discounts.

Foam Mattress 

The lifespan of foam mattresses is six to seven years on average, with fair to good durability, fair sagging and poor to fair resistance to premature softening and body impressions. To utilise the good longevity ratings of foam mattresses, buy  king size bed and mattress combo or queen size bed mattress combo.

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Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are good for premature softening and reducing body impressions but have poor durability and sagging resistance leading to a low lifespan of five to six years.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses  last for six to seven years with poor resistance to sagging. Buy  king size bed and mattress combo  or a  queen size bed mattress combo  in the hybrid type for good resistance to developing body impressions and an overall good longevity rating. 

When Do You Know It’s Time To Change Your Mattress?

Some warning signs that imply you need to change your  mattress  are as follows:

You Encounter Sagging

Do you see springs poking out of your mattress or experience sagging issues lately? The foam or spring mattress material tends to break down over time due to imprinting in body shape without offering the necessary support. This is an indicative sign that you need to change your mattress.

Do You Wake Up in Pain?

If you experience back pain, neck pain or discomfort around your shoulders and hips regularly, your mattress may not be in a proper shape to support it. Poor spinal alignment can call for mattress replacement.

Are You Experiencing Asthma Flare-Ups or Allergies Regularly?

Not changing your bed sheets regularly and not using mattress protective covers can serve as a breeding ground for pests and dust mites. If people with asthma get recurrent allergies, your mattress trapping excessive sweat has become a depositor of bacteria/ dust mites/moulds. Bed bug infestation is a common scenario that demands mattress replacement altogether.

Old mattresses can cause sleep disruptions and drain all your energy the next day. Mattresses play a primary role in maintaining sleep quality and improving your emotional well-being. Choose a  mattress  that supports neural spine alignment and suits side, back and stomach sleepers.

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How To Extend Your Mattress Life?

  • Rotate your bed from head-to-toe every few months to prevent sagging.
  • Use a  mattress  protector to prevent the mattress from bed bugs, water and dust mites.
  • Use a high-quality bed base to hold the  mattress  and give room for enough air circulation.
  • Maintain hygiene to prevent mould growth.
  • Do not keep your king size or queen size mattress under direct sunlight.
  • Check the fixtures on your bed frames and bed bases every few months.
  • Invest in a  king size bed and mattress combo  or a  queen size bed mattress combo  to avoid size misfits and lifespan mismatch.

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The average lifespan of a  bed and mattress combo  varies from 6 to 10 years, depending on the mattress type and quality of the bed base. Buy combo offers online to save money, benefit from discounts and buy quality  king size bed and mattress combo  or  queen size bed mattress combo  hassle-free without hunting them yourself individually.  Doctors Dreams  offers a range of exquisite  bed mattress combos  according to your preference and budget.   

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