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shrinivas hirur
Planning to place Order. - Have few questions please clarify

1. Looking for Medium Firm Mattress
2. Is latex one is good for keeping medium firm for long last? or is there any sag or deformation of the shape after couple of years... if so, what is the precautions to be taken to avoid such incidents?
3. Is there any shop nearby my pin code? to see and try? If not, is it possible to get 2 days trials to my pin code?
4. 78X60X8 inch and 78X60X6 inch is there any reason to have this thickness variation? or does this thickness based on the Body weight?
5. What are the maintenance?
6. Do we get any additional cover? Most of the mattress come with ZIP line and this cover can be washable. so, in long run chances are there to damage the ZIP line. so, do we get standby Cover along with product buy?
7. Any discount on the product?
8. Suppose if person sleep on the same position for longer period, then will it be reduced in thickness in the longer run?
9. During summer season or winter season, due to more temperature / more cold temperature, any issue of creating fungus type surface?
10. In case, if we purchase from Amazon or nearby shop as you suggested, do we get any proper service in case of any issues? or do you recommend buying from here online?

10. Please comment on this questionary and with discounted price and need 2 days trial period, then I will be happy to place order.


I want the mattress in the size of90"/ 78"/ 8 inch. Is it possible to get. Then only I will make orders for cot. If so let me know the price

Great matress

I have bought this product with full doubts and questions.But everthing changed after the product received. This is a wonderful product. Top quality matress for such a reasonable price.thank you Nilkamal

Bhargavi Pappu
Value for money

I have been using this for the last one month. I am satisfied with the quality fit and finish of the mattress. Trying the memory foam mattress for the first time and it was great. This is a value-for-money purchase for me. My aunt was interested & I ordered one for her too


It’s very fluffy and comfortable. We all are happy with this product 🙂


100% Natural Latex Top
Breathable Pinhole Technology
Perfect Softness-Bounce Ratio
Soft Foam & PU Foam Support
Ultra-Cool Tencel Fabric


ALL-NATURAL ECOAIR™ LATEX It's time to turn to nature to find the solace your body craves. The latex mattress uses organic ECOAIR™ latex sourced from selected rubber trees. With relieving support and cooling comfort, this chemical-free material naturally lulls your body to sleep. Upgrade to a healthier mattress for healthier sleep.
EASY BREATHING, GENTLE BOUNCE Sink into the best mattress for comfort that knows what you want after a long, exhausting day. With the triple-layer, body-nurturing support and pinhole technology for easy breathability, you are sure to wake up with reduced pressure points and cooler nights. Isn't that just what you want?
COOL, SOFT-TOUCH, TENCEL COVER The moment you lay your hands on the latex mattress, you know it is something special. The natural Tencel zipper cover feels so smooth and cool against your skin that you'll want to sleep as soon as you get on it. It is easily removable and washable, adding to the overall convenience of the mattress.


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All Issues, FAQs & Support

What's so special about the latex mattress?

Since it's made using 100% natural and organic materials, this mattress combines modern sleep technology with the goodness of nature. It’s also free from harmful chemicals and discourages bug and mite infestation.
This natural latex mattress also has soft foam so it provides irresistible comfort for unmatched rest.

How does this induce natural sleep?

Latex mattress provides ideal bounce and body support to soothe pain.
This is one of the best mattresses for sweaty sleepers as it has ultra-cool tencel fabric, superior airflow, and the pinhole technology increases breathability to ward off night sweats.

How to keep the mattress clean?

Since the mattress material is latex, you can steam-clean or spot-clean it with a damp cloth.
Don't expose it to the sun for long, especially when it's wet as it may cause damage.
The soft touch mattress protector is pretty sturdy, so you can machine wash it.

What are the specifications of this product?

This mattress’s price starts at 16,999. (Watch out for deals and discounts)
The height is a standard 6 inches.
The different mattress sizes are single (78" X 36"), double (72" X 48"), queen (78" X 60"), and king size mattress (78" X 72").

Is this mattress firm or soft?

Our ECOAIR™ Latex Mattress stands out due to its Ideal softness-to-support ratio. It hits the sweet spot and gives your body, especially your back, the right amount of cosiness for pain-free nights and refreshed mornings.
You can track orders that you place on our website and get free shipping too.

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