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Tackling Neck Pain Using A Memory Foam Mattress

Tackling Neck Pain Using A Memory Foa...

When a person sleeps on the mattress, the top foam layer utilizes the body heat to conform to the body shape. This step gives extreme comfort and improved sleep style as the mattress adjusts to the body's weight. It remembers the body's shape with regular usage and is called ‘memory’ foam.   Since the mattress adheres to the body frame of the sleeping individual, the body pressure gets relieved, and any pain in the body, like the neck, shoulders, hips, etc., is lowered effectively. Read on to know the features of memory foam, the history of its use, and the types and benefits of memory foam mattresses. Check out the mattress varieties available on Doctor Dreams and  buy mattress online  to wade off any neck pain.  Features of Memory Foam Mattress Visco-elastic foam is another name for memory foam as it is made using  polyurethane. Besides mattresses, it is also used to design pillows, helmets, different types of cushions in furniture, etc. The high-quality features of the foam and the health benefits obtained from is convenient therefore making it famous all over the world.  It was initially made by directing gas within a polymer matrix, giving it a solid open cell form. It could retain pressure and attain its original shape when the force was withdrawn. It is how memory foam was initially made and was very expensive.  With time, the cost of the foam has decreased considerably and is now being used in different fields. In hospitals, it is used as remedies for specialised seats to treat people with posture-related issues, in wheelchairs, padding for patients in pain and bed  pillows.   Varieties of Memory Foam Mattresses According to the manufacturing style, the density of the foam, touch and appearance, two varieties of such  memory foam mattress  are available in the market. Regular and cool gels are the two types that are used extensively in sleep-grade items such as mattresses and pillows.  Regular Memory Foam Petroleum-based polymer makes up the regular memory foam, which is more common and generally used differently. This  traditional memory foam  was invented first and is denser than the other varieties. It is very soft and typically retains body heat effectively. Since this type of foam is more cost-efficient, it is more popular and manufactured in bulk. The mattresses made from this foam are therefore more budget-friendly and popular. The dense structure of the foam makes it very comfortable for the body to rest against. Being sensitive to high heat and varying degrees of pressure, it is best suited for colder climates.  Cooling Gel Memory Foam Since regular memory foam has a high heat retention capacity, cooling gel memory foams  were invented with a layer of cooling gel above the foam. The broader spaces within the foam structure also provide better aeration and cool the body when rested. The foam is not so dense and can hold on to the body's shape without losing its original form. Hence the cooling gel foam offers support as well as comfort.   How Do Memory Foam Mattresses Help in Orthopaedics? Higher density memory foam in the mattress tends to tackle pain experienced in different body parts. Such mattress varieties are called  Orthopaedic mattresses. The creative techniques used to design such mattresses allow the foam to relieve pressure from the body. It is possible with the foam layer holding on to the body shape and retaining the original form after use. Neck pain, back pain, aches, stiffness, etc., are some issues that are improved with using such mattress varieties. Sleep time is improved too for those suffering from joint-related illnesses such as arthritis, spondylitis, backache, spinal problems, etc. Pressure points like the neck, hips and shoulders are specially targeted to ease off any pressure being felt on them. To handle pain-related issues in the body, buy mattress online  of the orthopaedic memory foam type and sleep soundly.  Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses Sleeping on a fine mattress is essential to get that perfect slumber. With the various distractions, it may be difficult to sleep for eight hours. But buying a memory foam variety is just what you need if you suffer from repeated neck pain or aches in the other pressure points in the body. Some  benefits of memory foam mattresses  are listed below. Aids in Pain Relief One of the significant benefits of these mattresses is the ability to disperse pain, especially from the major pressure points in the body. Since these pressure points have a slightly increased temperature, the memory foam adheres to these areas of the body. Helps in Spinal Alignment The spine is aligned neutrally when the body is rested upon memory foam, which decreases any pain in the back and neck of the body. Suits Every Sleeping Poses The super buoyant quality of memory foam allows it to be suitable for all resting positions. The foam shapes up to any form of sleeping, whether straight back, sleeping on the tummy or either side.  Offers Resistance to Allergies As the memory foam is made up of polyurethane, there is no growth of any fungus or mildew on it, preventing one from suffering from allergies. Even pet hair is not retained due to this material.  Protects from Movement The foam is super absorbent to any movements created by the other person sleeping in bed. This property, therefore, offers undisturbed sleep.  No Shrinkage The open cell pattern of the memory foam does not allow it to shrink with time, making the mattress made from it cost-effective as it can last for many years.  Conclusion Although sleep positions and hours differ from person to person, we all need to hit the sack at the end of a tiring day. Whilst sleeping in standard mattress varieties will not provide any pain relief, memory foam mattresses can do so in an effective and lasting manner. Check out such mattress varieties available with attractive prices on  Doctor Dreams  and get rid of that nagging pain at the earliest.
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Restful Zzzzs is Waiting For you! – It's Time to Enjoy the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress

Restful Zzzzs is Waiting For you! – I...

If you cannot rest properly, chances are your  mattress  is evading your good night's slumber. Your mattress might be the real culprit behind your persistent back pains. Well, it's time you change that. A good mattress can make all the difference in the world. And a  memory foam mattress  happens to be the best one. Benefits of buying a memory foam mattress Of course, everyone wants to sleep and wake up with a relaxed body and soul. To achieve this kind of relaxation, the first step must be to  buy  a  Doctor Dream  memory foam mattress  as its high-density foam makes it soft and comfortable for sound sleep. With the best memory foam mattresses, you can now say goodbye to all those neck pains, joint aches, and back pains. These mattresses are best sellers and affordable both at the same time. Let's look at the benefits of  memory foam mattresses  that make them so popular. A True Body Fit to Help you Sleep Deeply The body-hugging feature of the mattress will help you melt into the mattress literally. The foam will mould with your body curves when you lie down on the Visco elastic. The memory foam mattress responds to your body heat and pressure, and the material moulds and allows your body weight to be evenly distributed. When the pressure is removed, the mattress returns to its original shape. Thus, the memory foam mattress is the perfect choice for your comfort. Temperature-Control Facility Helps You Relax Memory foam mattresses are made from temperature-sensitive materials. The material becomes softer when your body temperature increases. The highly resilient temperature-sensitive material adjusts to your body heat which helps you relax. After all, there are few things more important than a sound sleep. The latest models of these mattresses have better airflow and a cooling feature. Other options available are the mattresses' thickness and the material's different densities. Hence, the  mattress  offers you customised support for better sleep. Less Neck and Back Pain with Visco Elastic Foam For pain-relief comfort, Visco elastic foam lets you sleep in a position that is both comfortable and supportive. This helps in the reduction of chronic neck pain and back pain. Areas of pain have a slightly higher temperature than the rest of the body. The  memory foam mattress  applies or removes the pressure to the pain area by detecting the temperature. Thus, it is the best mattress on the market for elderly people. Also, if you are someone who spends half his day in front of a screen, then this is the best option you have. Hypo-allergenic to Fight Your 'Dust' Nightmare Dust mites are the leading cause of indoor allergy. They are a big problem in the mattress you have used for years. Polyurethane foam is made of fibres that prevent dust mites from collecting on your bed. Standard mattresses tend to allow the accumulation of allergy-causing mites. So, if you suffer from allergies, you can  explore  a  Doctor Dreams  memory foam mattress. Superior Motion Absorption for A Quality Sleep With minimum disturbance, memory foam mattresses are the perfect and logical choice for you. The mattress absorbs surface movements. So, if your partner or your kids like to move a lot in the bed, this mattress will help you get enough sleep by minimising the disturbance. The foam of the mattress conforms to your body's needs. A  memory foam mattress  is a smart alternative to a standard mattress. With the memory foam mattress, your sleep will not get affected by too much tossing and turning. The firm mattress absorbs all these waves and allows you to take a disturb less sleep. The mattress provides natural pain support, making it worthy of consideration when looking for a new mattress. Mattress For a Good Pressure Relief If you sleep on a bed with a mattress that is too firm, you are likely to have painful pressure points. You will observe pain in areas of joints such as the knee, hip, back, and shoulder. When you switch to the memory foam mattress, this problem is eliminated. The mattress uniformly distributes the body weight. The high-grade adaptive material makes your bed a perfect blend of 'not too firm and not too soft.' The bed thus becomes sag-free, and no sinking can be observed even after many years. The open cell designs let your mattress live a longer life.   Perfect for All Sleeping Positions You can enjoy the sleepless night without worrying about the morning back pain due to your weird sleeping positions. The moulding feature of the mattress allows you to sleep in any position that you feel comfortable. Whether you are a stomach, back, or side sleeper, you will find a home in the  memory foam mattress.  The level of posture this mattress offers is unmatchable. Over the long term, the mattress will reduce chronic pains. Mattress for Stress Reduction Due to sleep deprivation, your body releases stress hormones. The  memory foam mattress  is the best mattress that helps you lose stress. The many features of the mattress allow you to go into a deep and calm sleep. This, in turn, reduces the stress you get from your hustle life. Getting enough sleep is linked to your overall health. Conclusion There are plenty of positives when it comes to a good mattress. The mattress you choose can significantly impact your sleep; however, its importance is often neglected. The memory foam mattress happens to be the best in the category for your full eight-hour sleep. For pain-free sleep, a good spinal alignment is essential. So,  check out  Doctor Dreams  memory foam mattress to enjoy a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed to kick start your day.
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Find The Best From Polyurethane Foam, Memory Foam, and Latex Foam

Find The Best From Polyurethane Foam,...

In today's fast-paced world, having a work-life balance is a dream for most of us. Getting enough sleep or rest may seem complicated, and your mattress plays a significant role. Many reasons lead to back pain, including wrong body posture and the way you sleep, but a suitable  mattress  has been shown to make a positive difference. Finding a good mattress resolves all your sleep-related problems and provides you with a good comfort level. The  foam mattress online  is designed with layers of goodness to make your spine happy and allow you to sleep productively. Why is knowing the difference between various kinds of foam mattresses important? This season gets yourself a quality foam mattress of your choice honouring your personal preference. Now you can choose from three common types of foam used in  mattresses:  Polyurethane Foam, Memory Foam, and Latex Foam. One should know the difference between them to select the right as per the requirement and needed qualities. Explore  Doctor Dreams  today to look into a variety of  foam mattress online! Polyurethane Foam Polyurethane foam or poly-foam are low-quality foam mattresses made from material from petrochemicals. Usually, they are known for foam which is used in sofa cushions or cheap mattress toppers. Polyurethane foam being low range is used as top layers in spring mattresses. The range of polyurethane foam  mattresses  varies from high-density mattresses, which have decent durability, to low-density mattresses, which are less durable. They provide little softness and support and are thus not considered suitable for someone with aching joints. Polyurethane foam mattresses are affordable and therefore are widely available. Also, being lightweight, it is easy to move or flip polyurethane foam mattresses. It can be kept as an extra mattress in your house, which can be used when needed occasionally. There are many different types of mattress available in polyurethane foam.  Check out  the polyurethane  mattress  only on  Doctor Dreams. Memory Foam Memory foam is similar to polyurethane foam as it is a type of foam with some additional material added. It is capable of absorbing impact and thus provides deep compression. Memory foam mattresses are flexible and therefore are more comfortable. It is well-known for its ability to wick away heat. If you have joint pain, a memory foam mattress may be beneficial. Memory foam creates a cushion by moulding and absorbing the impact of released body heat. Sharing a bed will no longer be an issue for you because you won't be able to tell if your partner is turning or tossing all night.  Memory foam mattresses  are made with layers of foam ranging in size and density. Higher density memory foam is generally more durable and of higher quality. There are numerous low-density memory foam toppers available at a low cost. If you like to sleep or sit on the edge, a memory foam mattress is the best option as it provides more edge support. Apart from being comfortable, memory foam mattresses are durable and can last up to more than half a decade. Gel memory foam mattress provides you comfort sleep as it soothes your paining points. Get a  gel memory foam  mattress for a soft, long-lasting mattress that supports your aching joints and moulds to your body today. Latex Foam The most important consideration when purchasing a  mattress  is breathability. A mattress which does not possess good breathability tends to keep you hot and may result in uncomfortable sleep, which will hamper your productivity the next day as you will not get a good start. Latex foam mattresses are created by vulcanising liquid latex into a solid foam. It does not retain heat, so you will not feel hot while sleeping. Regarding durability, latex foam outperforms all other foam in the market. It is also the best option for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly mattress, as it is made from either natural latex derived from rubber trees or synthetic latex derived from petrochemicals. Natural latex foam has emissions certifications, while synthetic latex foam sometimes has emissions certifications. As they are more firm and rubbery, latex foam  mattresses  are known for being springy and bouncing back quickly when pressure is applied. Latex foam mattresses provide pinpointed support, as they work with our bodies when we move around in sleep. It is designed for side sleepers, who need more give in their shoulders and hips but more support through their midsection.  ConclusionAs you can see, many types of  mattresses  are available in the market, because of which you need to be very careful about your choice. A mattress with all the properties required to give comfort to your body is all you need. Each mattress has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. You need to know what you are precisely looking for. Are you looking for an affordable mattress or something of decent quality? Then you should go for a polyurethane foam  mattress, as it is reasonable and decent for occasional use. Are you looking for a mattress that will help you with your aching joints? Then  gel memory foam  mattress would be a good choice because it can easily mould with your body. Or if you are finding for something which won't disturb your sleep, making you feel hot at night, something more breathable? Then latex foam mattress is the ultimate answer to your need as it has an open cell technique which keeps the mattress cool. Latex foam mattresses are much more supportive than the rest two foam mattress in terms of quality and durability.  Buy  your choice of mattress at  Doctor Dreams  that can help you relax and have a productive sleep.
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The Health Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses

The Health Advantages of Memory Foam ...

We frequently opt for comfort when choosing bedding or cushion for the couches and loungers. Every item inside the furniture market that uses memory foam is readily apparent, and most people prioritise it over coils and springy froth. Why is it so current? We have seen mattresses for ages that last just a few decades until they are depressing and drooping. These cotton mattresses were filled a few years ago to keep them sturdy. Any bedding must last for many years without losing strength. Both convenience and durability of reminiscence  foam mattresses  are well recognised. Its rising appeal is due to the variety of sizes & levels it offers.  Check out  the Doctor Sleep  website for a variety of options to choose from. About Memory Foam Mattress Memory foam strands are also referred to as assist foam. The  memory foam  responds to body heat. It becomes more comfortable as it relaxes and conforms to the contour of the body heat. The bedding supports every part of the body. The depressed area of the cushion returns to its original shape as soon as the individual stands up and relieves stress on the bedding. As a result, it maintains its durability throughout time. NASA created the memory foam. The carriers sought reliable and comfortable material for the captains' chairs in the 1970s. Memory foam was developed by NASA specifically for this use and released as tempered froth. Due to how long it took to resume its original shape after applying pressure, the term "slow bounce back polyurethane" was first used. The flight crews and occupants were intended to receive crumple zones and softening from it. Every business recognised its pleasure and durability, quickly becoming an essential component of many commercial areas, like athletics and medicine. Health Benefits of Memory Foam Bedding Suppose you're curious whether memory foam materials may cool you down and be happy while keeping you far from your restless night. To offer readers an idea about what to anticipate from the content, below are among its top pros and some drawbacks. Originally Body Fit Comfortable The finest feature of this substance is that it has been designed in a manner that constantly conforms to the bone structure and reacts to warmth and stress. As a result, when a human is present, the bedding cover can transfer pressure more uniformly. When you get out of bed, your natural figure will take shape and return to what it was originally. Whenever you lie on a  mattress,  it seems you are being melted into that and taking on a firm body type. This gives you a nice feeling and ends your restless nights. Thermal Control The core temperature does influence your sleeping habits. Temperature-sensitive materials are used in the design and manufacturing of memory foam beds. This substance enables the bed to conform nicely to the age and build of the person. It gets nicer and softer to sleep on as it grows more acclimated to your body temp. Your skin becomes softer as your body temperature rises, and the relaxation you experience when sleeping is invaluable. If you have a heated constitution, you should look for foam bedding with a warming function.  Pain Soothe Your body requires rest from everyday activities and tasks, and while people slumber, this is in a relaxing posture. However, if indeed the bedding doesn't provide equal support for all parts of the body, you may have discomfort as well as other issues that, if left untreated, might worsen with time. Bedding is crucial for pain relief, and memory foam is an excellent choice in this regard. It offers health advantages to combat physical discomfort, preventing you from experiencing bodily pains, stiffness, or anything else. You may recover from such an ailment rapidly; the substance effectively manages your discomfort, and every moment you awaken, your energy levels double while you slumber peacefully.  Hypoallergenic Many people are allergic, and the bed material might occasionally bring on all these symptoms. They must thus use extreme caution while selecting a bedding's content to sleep peacefully. In these circumstances, the best method for removing allergens is to use foam materials. Because of the materials used to make them, mattresses often contain between 10,000 and 10 million dust clouds, according to safety and environmental study. However, you should not be concerned about the filth that  foam mattresses  accumulate. Polyurethane foam, a component of memory foam consisting of fibres, deflects dust and dirt while also preventing allergies. It sufficiently cares for the allergies to be removed from a person, so there is no disruption to sleep. Less Perturbation This bedding is perfect for families that sleep alone since there is no disruption when either of you rolls about in bed. There is indeed a probability that the bed's voice will awaken other individuals because one of them has a propensity to tossing and changing sides while resting. Additionally, the vibration of the cushion contributes to the disruption, although this one resists transmission and distribution losses. Because the blissful memory foam slumber prevents you from seeing the other person's movement in the first place, you won't detect that they have shifted from their original position. Compared to ordinary solutions, cushion mattresses are a solid and more practical alternative that allows you to sleep soundly. There'll be less disruption and difficulty, and you may sleep well without worrying about everything. Conclusion The memory latex foam contours to the back vertebrae if you lie on your back and provides good lumbar support. A memory foam bed helps disperse your body mass away from the shoulders and hips if you want to sleep on your side. Additionally, it helps to correct your backbone and waistline. The foam  mattress  also aids stomach sleepers by providing the support necessary to preserve neutral spine posture and lessen pain in the lower back. Additionally, it will stop any backaches brought on by illnesses or the usage of substandard bedding. You can  check out  the  Doctor Sleep website  for more about their  memory foam mattresses.
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What Are Hybrid Mattresses? Know Everything About Them

What Are Hybrid Mattresses? Know Ever...

To accommodate a variety of body shapes and resting postures, hybrid  mattresses  integrate the advantages of classic spring coils with many levels of the cushion. Even though hybrid bedding may not have been the most fantastic option for everyone, it can be a decent starting point for those uncertain of their inclinations. Hybrid mattresses: what are they? Mattresses and pocket springs are combined in hybrid bedding, which often has a thicker cushion layer than those labelled as innerspring mattresses. Hybrid bedding gives the "best of all worlds" convenience and stress point relief with the extra support the pocket springs provide. Buy  your preference  mattress  on  Doctor Dreams. What Makes Hybrid bedding Special? Let's examine the parts of these hybrids beds up close to see what made these special: Pillow top: An 1 to 2 inches cushion top is mounted on top of both the comfort layers on a select few hybrids to give more cushioning. The comfortable layer: You lie on is constructed of cushioning materials, including foam padding, rubber, and cooling gel. Typically, this is three to four inches of body-hugging fabric. Supporting core: Measuring 7 to 8 inches tall, the supporting core makes up most of the bedding's thickness. Lumbar support is provided by coils and springs that are pocket-wrapped. Insulating layers: This one-inch layer at the bottom offers cushioning, strength, and durability and is often constructed of foam. Hybrid  mattresses  outperform their all-foam equivalents in terms of durability, ventilation, and sensitivity. Hybrid mattresses advantages They Have a Small Bounce: Hybrid  mattresses  incorporate elements of both coil-spring and memory cushion mattresses, both noted for their delayed sinking sensation. Hybrid bedding's generally pocket-coil innerspring core provides the greater bounce, while the foam top provides some dissolving comfort. Strength & Solace: In connection with that, the upper comfort layers embrace the spine as you rest and offer contoured assistance, whereas the pocket-coil springs give the lift you need to maintain proper body posture. Hybrids also provide much support because of the body-contouring foam with pocketed springs mixture that relieves pressure points. Cooling effect: There is too much heat retention; hybrids offer a colder bedtime routine because of the permeability of the springy core. Compared to conventional memory foam, innerspring coils are 28 per cent better at transferring heat. Several hybrids now feature top cushion layers produced using cooling technologies. Edge Protection: The edge support of bedding is the strength of its outside edge. Due to the hybrid bedding's internal spring design, they provide exceptional edge assistance. By supporting you all the way around, they increase the amount of surface area you have available for sleeping. Decreased Motion Transmission: While not as significant as memory cushion bedding, hybrid bedding is nevertheless an improvement over standard spring mattresses in reducing transmission and distribution losses. Pockets coils are made of independently packaged spring, which isolates any dipping or oscillation to the area where pressure is applied. The foam mounted on the top of the streams also reduces the turbulence caused by motion. Poking Springs absent: Some individuals are concerned that the springs may begin to protrude in between as their coil bedding matures. Hybrid mattresses include top layers of polyurethane that serve as a buffer for you and the spring, making it improbable that this would happen as the bedding ages. The Issues With Hybrid Mattresses Hybrid mattresses have many benefits, but they also have some disadvantages. If you believe hybrid bedding is best for you, take into account the following: Although not all hybrid mattresses are more expensive  than memory foam mattresses, this would be typically the case. Hybrid bedding may or may not be affordable for everyone as a result. They don't reduce movement transmission along with all mattresses. Despite having a very delicate cushioning surface, hybrid bedding isn't going to minimize movement transmission as effectively as all-foam mattresses.  Weigh more: On average, hybrid mattresses weigh more often than mattresses made entirely of foam padding. The bedding may be more challenging to shift as a result, and it is essential to remember that this could be a problem when relocating to a new home or apartment.  What Distinguishes Memory Foam mattress From Hybrid Mattresses? One significant difference is how  memory foam  and hybrid mattresses are made: While bedding topper beds don't have coils, hybrid mattresses do. The mattresses differ in various ways: Memory Foam Mattresses  are very cost-effective: Because hybrid mattresses employ coils, their price will often be higher than memory foam mattresses. This is the first substantial difference.  Hybrid Mattresses Are Much more Supportive: Although the coils may increase the cost of the bedding, they also provide some additional advantages. Compared to a memory foam mattress, coils offer a degree of assistance, allowing them to sustain higher weights. They are among the best cushions for belly sufferers and provide greater service for side sleepers. Hybrid mattresses are much more Ventilated: Compared to  memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses seem comfier because of the coils' increased ventilation. Since air circulates throughout the cushion, hybrid mattresses should not retain as much warmth as reminiscence bedding pads. Hybrid mattresses are more long-lasting: As the last point, hybrid mattresses outlast  memory foam mattresses  thanks to the coils. While coils should prevent the bedding from deteriorating rapidly, memory foam is prone to drooping with time. For further details, check out  Doctor Dreams  list of the top mattresses. Conclusion Choosing the ideal bedding for your body shape, needs, and personal choices is no more difficult. Hybrid bedding provides the finest overall combination of support and comfort because of its distinctive structure, while other mattresses may fall short or not provide as much as you require. A hybrid bed is a type you didn't realise you needed until you experienced it in person with such a house demo or by visiting one of our locations. It may provide relief from pain, complete backing, or greater comfort. You can  explore  Hybrid Mattresses on  Doctor Dreams  for more details. References:
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Differences Between Memory Foam Mattress and Orthopaedic Mattress

Differences Between Memory Foam Mattr...

Sleep is as vital as food and water. Good sleep is always beneficial for our health. But it would help if you focused on specific factors to improve your sleep. Mattress plays a considerable role while you are asleep. The  mattress  has different features, and you must choose one that complies with all your sleeping needs. Although both  memory foam mattress  and  orthopaedic mattress  have similarities, you will also be able to differentiate between them. Here, you will be able to learn about the different features of both mattresses. You can  explore the memory foam mattress of your choice at  Doctors Dream  today.  What are Memory Foam Mattress and Ortheopadeic Mattresses? A memory foam mattress  combines memory foam and spring. Visco-elastic foam is used to create memory foam. This type of mattress provides excellent comfort. NASA originally developed memory foam for astronauts in the 1970s. It was used for supporting the astronauts from extreme pressure while entering or exiting the earth. Memory foam gets softened by using the heat of your body. It is called memory foam because it remembers your body shape and sleeping patterns over time. Memory foam bounces back very slowly once the pressure is released. Later, memory foam was used to develop  mattresses, pillows, and other sleeping products. Orthopaedic mattress: You can prefer an  orthopaedic mattress  when you suffer from pain in your body or joints. This type of mattress helps you to relieve your pain by providing support. This mattress was innovated in the 1950s to help people with joint and body pain.  Since there is no government regulation regarding the specifications of orthopaedic mattresses, many manufacturers want to label any mattresses as orthopaedic mattresses. Therefore, you should always be careful when someone refers to anything as an orthopaedic mattress. Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress The memory foam mattress is designed with many beneficial features that set them apart from other  mattresses. Their capacity to provide optimum comfort and support makes them unique in the market. It is the first choice of many customers due to a range of benefits. Relieve Pressure Memory foam mattress  releases your body pressure by distributing your body weight equally. It helps to reduce the heaviest stress on the part of your body, which leads to reducing the pain in your body. It also improves blood circulation in your body. Extremely Comfortable This  mattress  adjusts to the shape of your body and your sleeping pattern, allowing you to feel extreme comfort. Since it stays in alignment with your spinal and your whole body, you can get relief from body pain. Prevent Tossing and Turning Memory foam is perfect for preventing tossing and turning at night as it allows you to sleep according to your choice by creating personal space. Therefore, a  memory foam mattress  is the best choice if you have a habit of waking up at night. Resist Dust Since memory foam is designed with visco-elastic material, it can resist dust. As a result, you get a cleaner and healthy bed to sleep in without being susceptible to allergies or other infections. You can  check out  Doctors Dream  if you want to try a  memory foam mattress. Benefits of Orthopaedic Mattress An  orthopaedic mattress  provides excellent support. These are made of natural products. They release pressure which helps you to be comfortable while sleeping. It also helps you to align the spine. Differences Between Memory Foam Mattress and Orthopaedic Mattress Apart from some similarities, there are some differences between  memory foam mattress  and orthopaedic mattresses. Memory Foam Mattress Orthopaedic Mattress It is made of visco-elastic foam No specific material Help to reduce pressure Help to reduce pain Featured with many options Limited to very few options You won’t get cheated Chance of misuse of its name What to Consider Before Buying a Mattress Before buying a mattress, you should consider the following things Prefer the comfort If you do not feel comfortable, you can not have a good sleep. Therefore comfort should be your priority when looking to buy a  mattress. Look for the Perfect Size It would help if you bought such a mattress suitable for the size of your bed. Since there are beds of different sizes, you should check the size while buying the mattress. Check the firmness Always check the firmness of your  mattress. Although reasonable firmness is better for everyone, excessive firmness may cause harm to your spine. Check the Softness Although softness provides comfort during sleep, too much softness is always harmful to your spine and may cause back pain. Multi-Zone Support Mattresses of different support zones can be ideal if you cannot afford adjustable beds. A firm mattress in the spine can be a perfect choice as it will prevent back pain. Adjustable Bed An adjustable bed has the facility to adjust the softness and firmness with the help of a remote. It will allow you to adjust your mattress at your convenience.  Decide the Budget You should decide the budget before purchasing the  mattress. Once you decide your budget, you should stick around your budget and look for the product suitable for you within that same budget. Do not Hurry Do not hurry while going to purchase the mattress. Check every feature of the mattress once you have decided to buy it. Otherwise, you will have to regret it later. Go For Branded Mattress A branded mattress is far better than an ordinary mattress. Since you are spending your money, you should prefer the branded mattress, and it will be worth spending as you will get the high-quality mattress. Conclusion Numerous types of  mattresses  are available in the market. You will have to be careful while choosing the right fit for you. Since you will spend your hard-earned money, you should do proper research before buying one. You should always check whether the mattress is comfortable or not, apart from all your other needs. Since it is difficult to recognise the  orthopaedic mattress, you can choose a  memory foam mattress  that will also fulfil all your needs. To  buy  mattresses of various designs, you can visit  Doctors Dream.
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Perfect Memory Foam Mattress

How To Choose The Perfect Memory Foam...

Many people now prefer memory foam mattresses because of the comfort they provide. However, you cannot simply choose any memory foam mattress because they come in various types, and the one you choose may not end up meeting your needs, making it a regrettable decision.  Explore  Doctor Dreams  to buy memory foam mattress online. What Is A Memory Foam Mattress? Memory foam mattresses  are those extra-comfy and cushiony mattresses that don't want us to get out of our hotel beds. These mattresses are well-known for their luxurious feel and comfort, and they conform to the shape of the sleeper's body, giving the impression that we are sinking into the mattress. These mattresses are also well-known for relieving back and body pain. However, selecting the incorrect mattress may increase them. There are different types of memory foam mattresses available to choose from: Traditional memory foam: These mattresses are designed to relieve back pain and provide comfort. Since these mattresses give the impression of sinking in, they trap a lot of heat, making them uncomfortable for people who sweat a lot. Gel-based memory foam: These memory foam mattresses, in addition to the standard features, provide a cooling sensation. They use a conductor to pull heat away from your body, making it suitable for everyone. Open-cell memory foam: These mattresses are less dense, allowing air to pass freely through and adding a cooling sensation. Why Should You Buy A Memory Foam Mattress? A memory foam mattress provides numerous advantages such as: Warm feeling: While some people may find the warm feeling provided by higher density mattresses to be uncomfortable, others may prefer the warm and cosy feeling. It all depends on the weather and climate of your location. Pain relief and pressure relief: These mattresses are well known for their ability to relieve back pain, and they can do so by offering additional support. As previously stated, these mattresses conform to the shape of the sleeper's body, preventing pressure from forming and evenly distributing it throughout the mattress. Hypoallergenic: Most memory foam mattress options are antimicrobial, with some being slightly more so than others. Latex foam mattresses are the best option for people who suffer from dust and microbial allergies, and they cannot be used by people who are allergic to latex. Motion isolation: If you sleep with a partner and he has a habit of tossing and turning in his sleep, it may also be bothering you. This is not the case with memory foam mattresses. A memory foam mattress makes no noise and absorbs and isolates motion, letting you enjoy a sound sleep even in all the disturbances. Visit the  Doctor Dreams  website to choose and buy memory foam mattress online! What Are The Problems With Memory Foam Mattresses? Memory foam mattresses have some drawbacks in addition to their benefits, such as: Overheating: The main issue with a traditional memory foam mattress is overheating. It traps a lot of heat, making it unsuitable for hot environments. To some extent, latex and gel-infused memory foam mattresses have solved the problem, but they may still be a problem for some people. Stuck feeling: While some people enjoy the cosy feeling it provides, others dislike the feeling of sleeping "in" the mattress. Sleepers may struggle to move out of the mattress due to the slower response time. How To Choose The Perfect Memory Foam Mattress? Before purchasing a memory foam mattress, keep the following factors in mind: Density: Memory foam mattresses come in various thicknesses, including low-density, medium-density, and high-density. The denser the mattress, the nicer the material and the longer it will last. The weight and price of a mattress are also affected by its density. Thicker mattresses have a faster response time, which helps to eliminate the sinking-in sensation. A high-density mattress is a good option if you want something long-lasting and luxurious. Thickness: The thickness of your mattress should always be proportionate to the height of your bed. A thicker mattress is not recommended if your bed is taller because it adds height, making it difficult for short people to get on the bed. The number of layers of foam used in a mattress determines its thickness. Durability: The average lifespan of a memory foam mattress is 10 to 15 years, depending on how well it is cared for. Proper care entails rotating and vacuuming the mattress every few months, which is sufficient to extend its lifespan. Using a mattress cover and cleaning it as needed can also protect the mattress from wear and tear, extending its life. Budget: One of the most important considerations when shopping for a memory foam mattress is the budget. A memory foam mattress price is determined by the type of mattress you select. If you want a denser and heavier mattress, you should be prepared to spend a little more money.  Buy  from  Doctor Dreams  to get the mattress at a reasonable rate. Sleeper type: The type of sleeper you are influencing your memory foam mattress choice. If you sleep on your back, a medium-firm mattress may be preferable because it provides comfort and support, which helps improve posture and reduce back aches. People who sleep on their sides prefer soft mattresses, whereas those who sleep on their stomachs prefer a firm mattress topped with several layers of foam to provide both support and comfort. Weight: In addition to the weight of the mattress, the weight of the sleeper should be taken into account. A denser and thicker mattress should be preferred for someone heavier, as the faster response time prevents sagging of the material after long hours of sleep. Conclusion Choosing from the numerous mattresses available can be difficult if you don't know which mattress is best for you and what features to look for when purchasing a mattress.  Check out  various types of mattresses offered by  Doctor Dreams  and order one after comparing memory foam mattress price.
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Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress and How It's Dif...

Many types of mattresses are available online, but memory foam mattresses are considered superior quality and relatively uniquely built. Searching for a  mattress online  that addresses the requisite comfort level and comes at a decent price range is hard to find, and a  memory foam mattress  will help you end your search.  Buy now  from a plethora of available memory foam mattresses of different sizes and designs at different price ranges, exclusively available at  Doctor Dreams.  Know About Memory Foam Mattresses And Features A  memory foam mattress  is designed without any strings attached to it to take the proper shape of the person lying down. It has often been recommended for people suffering from orthopaedic ailments such as spinal cord pain or other back problems. When searching for a  mattress online,  the key concern is choosing something comfortable for your body that also has an appropriate style quotient or uniqueness. These mattresses come with a slew of features and various health benefits that set them apart from ordinary mattresses. Let's take a look at the unique features of these mattresses. Motion Isolation Feature And Spinal Alignment A unique feature of these mattresses is their motion isolation capabilities. To explain it further, Consider you are sleeping with your partner, and there is regular motion from their side. Motion isolation will ensure that you get an extreme level of comfort so that even if there is any movement from your partner's side, you won't get disturbed and continue sleeping peacefully. It is a unique feature in memory foam mattresses that is largely uncommon and rarely found among ordinary mattresses.  These mattresses are also specially built in a manner in which your spine rests comfortably and is not awkwardly or unnaturally bent to give unfathomable pain to your spine.  Explore an  exclusive range of memory foam mattresses, available exclusively at the home furniture section of  Doctor Dreams. Cooling Properties And Even support Still not convinced? Well, this feature will get you intrigued. A  memory foam mattress  has certain cooling gels induced in the mattress. It reacts to the environment nearby and provides you with the appropriate level of comfort you require after returning from work during extreme summer months. These cooling gels instantly relax your body and mind as soon as you rest yourself on the  mattress,  giving you a sense of calmness and comfort. It also provides even support, which means the person's weight is evenly distributed, eventually allowing your body peacefully without experiencing any discomfort. Even support quality will help people from all age groups in your family, especially Senior citizens and Children.  Check out  exquisite memory foam  mattresses online.  If you cannot decide what to choose, we can recommend something. Our tip:  There are selected options for memory foam mattresses containing cooling technology. Select Those special kinds of memory foam mattresses that have built cooling technology designed. Select a few memory foam mattresses available exclusively at  Doctor Dreams. Hypoallergenic A premium quality attached to these mattresses makes them different from ordinary mattresses is their hypoallergenic quality, which means that they are efficient enough to keep away any dust particles, germs, mites, and fungus from growing or further spreading. It is completely hygienic and safe for usage, making it a popular choice among consumers while shopping for a  mattress online.  With this quality, you can rest assured that people in your family will be safe from any dust particles or harmful germs contacting their bodies through memory foam mattresses. Durability And Comfort When compared to other mattresses, there is no competition regarding durability. These mattresses are built with fine-quality foam. Although it's a bit more expensive than other mattresses because of being a premium product, its durability cannot be questioned. It can sustain and be there for countless years because of the premium quality material used in making it.  Check out  suitable memory foam mattresses from various options available with varying designs that meet your needs of durability and comfort available exclusively at  Doctor Dreams. When it comes to comfort, again, no questions can be asked. Memory foam mattresses provide its user with the ultimate level of comfort and peace when they lie down at night after a gruesome and tiring day for a good night's sleep. It is much more comfortable than any other ordinary mattress and hence, is and should be considered a popular choice among consumers looking for premium mattresses online, which provide a slew of different features and also has certain health benefits. Memory Foam mattresses will certainly, within no time, become the centre of attraction in your home because of the extra level of comfort they will provide to each member of your family.  Conclusion  A mattress should feel like an attachment to your home. It should be designed so that whenever the person rests his entire body over it, he should feel a sudden exuberance of peace and tranquillity, something that home resembles.  Memory foam mattresses  are specially designed for these specific purposes. Filled with an array of unique and vivid features, which are rarely found in ordinary mattresses, it makes a memory foam mattress come under the most sought-after option available when consumers buy mattresses online. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself in a shopping frenzy and  buy  a  mattress online  made up of memory foam material out of the different options available exclusively at  Doctor Dreams,  and give yourself and your loved ones the luxury of comfort and peace at your home. You can order the mattresses online in the comfort of your home and enjoy doorstep delivery hassle-free.
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Memory foam Mattresses: Facts and Myths

So you're looking for the greatest memory foam mattress online on the sale. Certainly, advertisements are appealing, but you're unsure whether you should spend hundreds of bucks on an excellent memory foam mattress. And there are the misconceptions to contend with when looking for the finest memory foam mattress. You're not by yourself. Many consumers are faced with this difficult decision when purchasing a new high-quality mattress. It could be hard to discover the perfect mattress. To clear up most of the confusion, we will debunk some popular memory foam mattress misconceptions and provide you with the correct memory foam truths. You can explore some of the best mattresses at Doctor Dreams.  Common Myths and Facts about Memory Foam Mattress  Misconception 1: Memory Foam Generates Heat Fact: According to studies, memory foam increases the temperature, and this is one of the most important truths. The explanation for this is that memory foam is responsive to human warmth and hence gets warm and comforting when exposed to it. However, it is a tale from history. Thanks to modern, more technologically advanced memory foam mattresses available on the internet, it is no longer the case. Regarding conventional memory foam kinds, firms like Doctor Dreams produce an excellent memory foam mattress that promotes ventilation by 95 percent due to its highly porous architecture. The finest memory foam mattress will be able to flush warmth three times faster than standard mattresses. Several decent memory foam mattresses have permeable coverings, which imply you won't get too hot when sleeping, and that is no longer a concern using memory foam mattresses. The good thing is that you don't have to leave your house to get the finest memory foam mattress, as you can purchase a mattress online.  Misconception 2: A Memory Foam Mattress is mighty expensive Fact: Certainly, some popular brands might have been costly while researching the finest memory foam mattress online. Nevertheless, one of the many little-known facts about memory foam truths is that there are a handful of newer businesses that have entered the mattress business and are producing fairly decent mattresses at low prices. Whenever you do the investigation properly, you can simply acquire the finest memory foam mattress for less than the big brand. Most of these firms also enable you to purchase a decent memory foam mattress digitally and have it shipped directly to your residence, saving you money on things like showrooms leasing. This advantage is carried over to the customers, allowing individuals to move up with a fantastic memory foam mattress and fall asleep soundly for several years to come while also purchasing the finest memory foam mattress within your budget.  Misconception 3: Memory foam is attractive and relaxed to begin with, but then after some months, it builds up hollow spaces Fact: Undoubtedly, this is one of the memory foam truths; according to the expert investigation, this would be the unavoidable truth whenever purchasing a less quality foam mattress. Regardless of whether we want it, the marketplace is flooded with cheaper memory foam. A top-notch memory foam mattress, on the other hand, doesn't really generate holes or troughs, making it excellent for the spine. If this occurs, it is normally covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, what can we conclude from this? Search for the greatest memory foam mattress online, which has a ten-year non-prorated guarantee and does not have a minimum sagging limit. Undoubtedly you can check out such kinds of mattresses at Doctor Dreams.  Misconception 4: Memory foam gives away a foul odor  Fact: According to shopper surveys, most individuals choose a spring mattress because they think memory foam has a bad odor and occasionally feels adhered to the skin. This could be due to memory foam characteristics from low-cost, cheap quality memory foam. Some other reason for the stench whenever you unwrap the new mattress is it hasn't been utilized and has come directly from production or warehouse. This stench dissipates quickly on your very first night on your memory foam mattress. While shopping for the perfect memory foam mattress, make sure it's free of chemicals, parabens, mercury, lead, as well as other metals, as well as PBDE fire retardants and smog depleters. Furthermore, look for a memory foam mattress with Volatile organic compounds less than or equivalent to 0.5 ppm. This allows you to rest without allergens, which is particularly beneficial for individuals who are allergic.  Misconception 5: The denser the memory foam, the firmer it will be  Fact: The stiffness of foam mattresses and the level of soothing it gives are wholly reliant on the manufacturing process. For example, two firms may produce foam beds of identical size; however, one may be harder than another. Therefore, even if you purchase good mattresses digitally or check it in case you are buying outside, perform a detailed investigation and then check out mattresses. Also, when you decide on purchasing one, make sure you understand their return back policy if you don't like the feeling of the mattresses.  Misconception 6 - Memory Foam Mattress is not good for Orthopedic Patients Fact: This fallacy is based on the misconception that "foam" beds are generally softer that do not provide the solid support necessary for orthopedic patients. It's not the case with memory foam mattresses. Even though it's called "foam," this is nothing like it. NASA was the first to produce memory foam. Memory foam's main notable feature was that it would keep the body in its normal position. Rather than resting on a solid floor, you would experience cushioning across your heavier areas, such as your hips, shoulder, and spine. It's not just that, but it allows your vertebrae to relax in their native "S" form complete night, rather than being forcibly straightened.  Conclusion These are some of the memory foam misconceptions and truths to remember while shopping for the finest memory foam mattress. A mattress is not something to be afraid of. You may get a new mattress that provides you with decades of console and support. So, without any delay, buy this mattress online from Doctor Dreams. Also Read : sMemory Foam vs Spring Mattress. Which is better?
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A Guide To Buy The Best Mattress For A Good Night’s Sleep

A Guide To Buy The Best Mattress For ...

A Guide To Buy The Best Mattress For A Good Night’s Sleep Choosing a mattress is one of the most difficult tasks. More so, if you're looking to buy a mattress online. The options are chock-full, the varieties are diverse, the prince range is wide. These factors make it difficult to zero in on a good mattress. Here are the key factors that you must consider when buying a mattress online. Budget The price range of mattresses varies widely. You can find mattresses starting from INR 4000 to INR 50,000 or more. You should start looking at mattresses after determining your budget, if it is a factor that will affect your selection. Material Mattresses are made of different materials such as memory foam mattress, gel, cotton, spring mattress, multi-layer, etc. If you have a specific choice of materials, start looking at mattresses made of those materials. It’s easier to choose mattresses based on material when you buy mattresses online. Comfort level While some people prefer a stiff mattress, some like them soft. The comfort level is an individual preference. Whether you want a spring mattress that gives a bounce or you prefer a soft memory foam mattress - the selection should be based on which kind of mattress do you find comfortable. Moreover, comfort can also include other factors such as the level of maintenance required, etc. Firmess Different mattresses have different levels of firmness. Hard, soft, medium-firm, too soft, etc. Getting a mattress with the wrong firmness can ruin your sleep. For example, if people who suffer from back pain sleep on the wrong mattress, it might damage their condition more. The firmness of mattresses also relates to the weight of persons. For those with less weight, soft to medium-firm mattresses can work well. But for heavy-weighted people, firm mattresses are advisable. Spring mattresses would have a bounce and won’t be as firm. Top layer The top layer of the mattress is a critical factor to ensure the desired comfort. For example, a top layer made of polyester or synthetic material would cause more heat, whereas one made of cotton or natural fabric will keep the body cooler. This will result in sound sleep. It’s best to choose a top layer that is made of a material that enhances the breathability of the mattress. Thickness The thickness of the mattress depends a lot on the design of the bed and what the thickness should be depending on the design. It also depends on how you want your bed to look aesthetically. Besides, mattresses made of multiple layers such as orthopedic mattresses will be thicker than those made of a single material. Weight Another factor that one should consider when buying a mattress online is the weight. Weight will affect how easily you can move, clean or maintain your mattress. For those who move houses often, it’s best to choose a mattress that is light in weight. Heavy mattresses also make it difficult to change and tuck sheets in. Think about all these factors when choosing a mattress. Support The sole purpose of a mattress is to provide comfort and support. Support is related to how well the mattress carries and aids different parts of the body. Many mattresses change shape to adjust to the body, while many are stiff and have the same flatness across. While looking for a mattress online, you must especially look for details about the support it provides. Memory foam mattresses are known to provide the best support, among other such mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses provide good support required for medical conditions and are recommended by experts. Durability A mattress is an investment. Moreover some mattresses are quite expensive and people would expect it to last for years. Moreover, mattresses are also about comfort. Once a person finds comfort in a mattress, they don’t want to change it often, unless absolutely necessary. And hence, it is important to buy a mattress that has high durability. Durability of mattresses depends on the material used to make it, the quality and finish, etc. Hygiene Let’s face the fact - mattresses aren’t the easiest to clean or maintain. Washing mattresses is out of the question. A lot of mattresses gather dust and fungus. For example, mattresses made of coir can gather fungus in humid atmospheres. Moreover, the top layer of the mattress can collect dust and dirt. Hence, it is important to consider how well you will be able to clean the mattress. Ease of purchase Before buying a mattress, do inquire about things such as will the mattress be delivered to your doorstep? Will it be easy to unpack and pack, if need be? Is there an added delivery charge? What is the duration for delivery? These are some things you must know before you buy a mattress online. So that you can have a smooth experience. Over to you Ready to buy a mattress online? We’re sure we’ve helped you narrow down a few mattresses or at least a few factors that you would definitely want to consider to select a mattress that best suits you. If you’re looking for top quality mattresses, all you need to do is take a look at Doctor Dreams mattresses. We’re sure it’ll tick off a lot in your mattress-buying checklist.
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The Benefits of Modern Metal Bed Frames | Doctor Dreams

The Benefits of Modern Metal Bed Fram...

The Benefits of Modern Metal Bed Frames What kind of bed are you looking for? If you are looking for a sturdy and durable bed, a metal bed is an ideal choice than wooden beds.  It has many more benefits apart from the contemporary appearance that it gives. For people who are more inclined towards giving a modern look to their bedroom, stylish metal bed frames indeed give a classy effect to your bedroom. You can browse through several metal bed frame designs available online on home furnishing websites. Iron beds or metal beds were developed in the 17th century, Italy to address concerns about the invasion of bed bugs and moths. Modern metal frame beds are less susceptible to germs and bedbugs.  If you are still perplexed whether a metal bed frame is the right choice or not, have a glance at Doctor Dreams metal bed frames, a part of the Nilkamal group has crafted modern striker metal bed frames which are extremely contemporary and attached with various benefits: 1. Minimal Maintenance One of the key benefits of a modern metal bed is its low maintenance. It is germ-free and easier to clean and maintain. A modern metal bed frame is durable and long-lasting than wooden beds. 2. Easy Fixing If the metal bed frame gets rusted, you can easily change the colour with new paint. This means you can use the metal bed for years to come. The metal bed does not require much care; you can wipe it with a damp cloth and it's sparkling clean. 3. Versatile and Aesthetic Modern metal bed frames can be designed into any shape of your choice. The stylish and elegant head and footboards of a modern metal bed frame can give a versatile look to your bedroom. 4. Cost-effective A metal bed is more economical and cheaper than a wooden bed. Perhaps this is one of the reasons, people opt for metal frame beds. Being cost-effective metal beds provide greater longevity. 5. Sturdy build Metal is a durable and strong material and can run lifelong in contrast to wooden beds which can creak, crack and get damaged over time. Fits all backdrops: Metal bed frames can suit every home, whether your home has contemporary furnishings or conventional decors. Metal bed style blends with all. Why Doctor Dreams Striker Metal Bed is the Best Option Online? Doctor Dreams modern metal beds are strikingly elegant to fit all bedrooms. Available in black and white colours, the metal frames appear subtle and blend well with any interior design. Moreover, Doctor Dreams striker metal bed gives a classic and unique feel to your bedroom. Unlike wooden beds, a metal bed resists mites, fungus and bad odours due to moisture. Even if you purchase a king size metal bed frame, it leaves your bedroom spacious to move around and has plenty of space under the bed to hide away things. Check out Striker Metal Bed + Lite Dual Metal Mattress. Doctors Dream modern metal bed frames are available online in three sizes: 1) King Size, 2) Queen size and 3) Single size. Book your metal frame and lock your peaceful sleep all night similar to the comfort of sleeping on a wooden bed.  
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How Orthopedic Mattress Acts as a Therapy for Back Pain?  | Doctor Dreams

How Orthopedic Mattress Acts as a The...

How Orthopedic Mattress Acts as a Therapy for Back Pain? An orthopedic mattress is quite reliable than a regular mattress. The orthopedic mattress spreads your bodyweight equally to prevent pressure points from building up in your neck, back and hips. Mainly it acts as a therapy, particularly for back pain. An orthopedic mattress is a relieving base that calms down the body ache just like a therapy works. Regardless of age, we all have experienced back and neck pain due to different reasons. But, not sleeping on the right mattress can aggravate back pain. Yes, a mattress may be an underrated reason for many but in reality, checking on your mattress type is important to relieve a consistent backache. With a variety of mattresses available in the market, choosing the right mattress is not an easy task. You need to know various aspects before choosing one. An orthopedic mattress is best suggested to have a relaxing effect for those with a regular backache. It is made of various materials such as memory foam, innerspring and latex.  But with advancement in other sectors, the orthopedic mattress has also been created with innovative high–end material for providing improved spinal alignment and relief from back pain and joint pain. Doctor Dreams, a popular brand by Nilkamal brings an innovative Max and Plus memory foam orthopedic mattress which is designed flawlessly to provide the required support to the back even while sitting. Let’s have a glance at the contemporary features and benefits of Doctor Dreams Max Orthopedic memory foam mattress that acts not only as a therapy for back pain but is worth a pick for a comfortable sleep. Here are seamless benefits of an orthopedic memory foam mattress that acts as a therapy for back pain: Relieves back pain- Sleeping on an ordinary memory foam mattress might aggravate your back pain due to undue pressure on the spine and lower back. But with Doctor Dreams Max Twin three-layered memory foam mattress crafted with soft and comforting materials relieves back pain and provides the right pressure overall while sleeping. Peaceful sleep-An orthopedic mattress not only provides relief from back pain but also ensures a cool and relaxed sleep with the help of a cool gel foam induced in the mattress. It keeps the mattress cool and maintains the body temperature. Good posture- Unlike the regular mattress that sinks your body and causes back pain and neck pain, Max Orthopedic memory foam mattress is designed for a better posture. Experience a balanced pressure throughout the mattress that comforts areas prone to aches like lower back and knees. Flexible and firm- An orthopedic mattress ensures that your spine does not sink into the mattress, causing back pain. An orthopedic mattress holds cushioning and remains firm, so the back is kept in neutral position.  How Doctor Dreams orthopedic mattress acts as a therapy for back pain: Doctor dreams three-layered Max orthopedic mattress is an ideal choice for healthy and sound sleep Its top layer of green gel foam keeps the mattress cool, followed by the memory foam which adjusts as per your body shape and the base is entirely PU foam Max orthopedic memory foam mattress is encased in anti-microbial TENCELTM fabric made from wood pulp, making it resistant proof from dust mites, fungus and bacteria.  This knitted stretchable fabric keeps these layers settled and protected from germs. Doctor dreams orthopedic mattresses are long-lasting and durable up to 10 years warranty period. Four different mattress sizes are available online: Single size, 2) Divan Size 3) Queen size 4) Kingsize  Finally, Doctor Dreams orthopedic mattresses are not only for people experiencing backache, it can be used generally also to prevent back pain, retain body posture and peaceful sleep.
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How often should you wash your mattress protector? | Doctor Dreams

How often should you wash your mattre...

How often should you wash your mattress protector? A good quality mattress guarantees good sleep. But the experience can turn into a disturbed sleep if the mattress is not maintained properly. Yes, even a mattress requires dusting, cleaning and washing at regular intervals. This increases your mattress life and ensures good health for everyone in the family. Though mattresses are protected with bed sheets and covers, many germs, allergens and dust mites develop over time that is not visible always with a naked eye. So, it is advisable to have a round of sponging or washing every one or two months for the mattress protector. What is a mattress protector? Mattress protectors are thin covers that go over your mattress like a fixed sheet. Mattress protectors help to extend the life of your mattress and should be cleaned often. Here’s how often you should clean it and how you should go about doing so. When to wash your mattress protector? Many people cover their mattress with the mattress protector and forget about it for months, but the fact is that the mattress cover needs to be washed at least in a gap of two months. Sweat, food particles, spilt beverages and dust particles in the atmosphere settle on the protector forming a layer of dirt that further invites germs and mites.   If you don’t wash it timely, you may suffer from skin allergies caused by dust mites, pollen or even your pet’s dander can make your skin sensitive to rashes and itchy skin. How to wash a mattress protector? You can wash the mattress protector in the washing machine in cold or lukewarm water on a gentle wash setting. Avoid using harsh or rough detergents while washing. Never put it in the tumble dryer, let it dry in the sun or indoors where it is warm. Benefits of mattress protector available online When you are finding a mattress protector online, do visit Doctor Dreams for a collection of comfortable bedding accessories and home essentials. Check the fabric, size and ease of maintenance while buying a mattress protector. Doctor Dreams mattress protector is custom-made using microfibre and tencel fabric, that not only shields the mattress but also retains moisture in it. Being water and stain-resistant, it is easy to wash and maintain the mattress. Sizes available for Doctor Dreams mattress protectors - Queen- 152cm X 198cm, King-182cm x 198cm.   After washing the mattress protector, correctly place the cover back onto the core of the mattress. This is will cover the mattress evenly from all sides and keep it clean for a longer time.
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How to choose the best pillow for neck pain?

How to choose the best pillow for nec...

Experiencing neck pain is a common issue that most adults complain about once in a while. One of the reasons causing neck pain can be your pillow and sleep position. Even during the day, a lot of strain is put on the neck while scrolling through social apps and working on the laptop. Constant slouching on the bed also makes the neck area stiff and spoils the posture. Though there are many reasons for neck pain, the solution to reduce the pain is thankfully easy. Just select the right pillow, have a comfortable sleep and get relief from neck pain. Yes! It is that simple. But people ignore the significance of choosing the right pillow and continue to kill the pain with balms and pain relief sprays. Nowadays, everything is available online for purchase. So, why not buy a pillow online! Vendors online have clearly defined pillow features, price, product images and customer reviews to give customers an insight on buying the correct pillow online. So, how do you choose the best pillow for neck pain? Consider the below factors before buying a new pillow: Supportive pillow is the one that gives the required support to the upper body and maintains the spinal alignment. An unsupportive pillow type will keep your neck far upward and cause neck strains.  Loft and firmness should be checked as it makes a big difference in comfort. The loft differs based on the sleeping positions. For instance, someone sleeping flat on their stomach will need a lower loft pillow whereas side sleepers will need a high loft to be comfortable. When it comes to firmness, choose a medium-firm pillow instead of a stiff one that can go hard on your neck. - Check pillow materials to ensure the fabric is hypoallergenic and does not retain heat or moisture. Check for any materials giving skin allergy while sleeping. Pillows made of feathers and artificial feathers may be soft on the head but lack adequate support. Memory foam pillows are quite popular these days due to the balanced support and comfort it provides to the neck.   What are the Varieties of Doctor Dreams Pillows? Doctor Dreams is a reliable brand bringing quality bedding products, furniture and sleep essentials in association with the leading Nilkamal group. Customers can choose from three varieties of pillows ideal for a comfortable sleep: - Memory Foam Pillow: The Doctors Dream memory foam pillow is available in three variants - Regular, Slim, and Contour. These are designed with a cooling gel technology that gives utmost comfort to the neck and spine, combined with a cooling effect. Some remarkable features of Doctor Dreams memory foam pillow are its natural anti-allergic properties, zipper cover for ease of cleaning, heat and moisture resistance and anti-bacterial properties. - Bread Memory Foam Pillow: It is an absorbent pillow made up of plush Tencel threads and microfiber filling. The bread foam pillow is designed uniquely with twelve individual pockets that resist forming lumps. This keeps the head and neck area even while sleeping, causing no pain. - Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: It is a highly adjustable and stretchable pillow made of lightweight fabric.  has organic cotton blended inner and outer cover with access to inside filling. This enables the users to adjust the pillow according to their sleeping positions. Finally, the type of pillow you choose plays a major role to trigger neck pain. Muscle relief sprays will give temporary relief, instead replace the right bedding accessory such as a suitable pillow for a comfortable sleep and no neck pain.
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How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

A mattress is one underrated bedding accessory that we use every day but do we maintain it the way it should be? Over a period of time, there are a lot of visible and invisible elements (hair, dead skin, dust, sweat etc.) that accumulate on the mattress. It should be cleaned at intervals, at least once or twice a year for a longer mattress life. In case of any accidental spillage, do not try cleaning the mattress with home detergents or bleaching agents as this can spread the stain and spoil the mattress. Understand that there are different cleaning procedures based on different types of mattresses. Memory foam mattress has become a popular choice of mattress these days due to the comfort and durability it provides. A foam mattress is made up of a polymer material known as polyurethane. It gives a firm base, good support and excellent pressure relief.   Here are some ways to clean a memory foam mattress: Use a vacuum cleaner: Make use of different brush attachments in a vacuum cleaner and wave it over your foam mattress. Use a light hand and move the vacuum cleaner gently to clear all the scrap over the mattress surface. Don’t worry, it won’t spoil the foam unless you dig deep applying pressure to clean. Keep your bed/mattress surface clear of unnecessary things such as medicine leaflets, papers, clips, toys etc. that might interrupt the functioning of the vacuum cleaner. Use mild fabric cleaners: If there is a lingering stain on your mattress, do not panic and use harsh agents to remove the stain. Harsh solutions such as bleach or ammonia can totally spoil the foam. Hence, better to use a mixture of mild fabric cleaners or basic vinegar mixed with water. Whatever you choose, mix the solutions well before cleaning the foam mattress. Steam cleaners also work well on memory foam mattresses. The warmth and moisture absorb the unwanted elements retaining the shine of your mattress. Using a mattress protector saves you from cleaning the main foam mattress underneath. It is easier to clean a mattress protector as compared to a mattress. So, cover your mattress with a protector and feel free from the stress of cleaning the foam mattress.  
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What are the Top 5 Health Benefits Provided by Sleeping on Memory Foam Pillows?

What are the Top 5 Health Benefits Pr...

In today’s hustle-bustle, insomnia is a common disorder due to the increased stress levels, unhealthy food habits and unpredictable lifestyle. This affects sleeping habits immensely. Reportedly, Indians rank second as the most sleep-deprived population with an average sleeping of 7hours only. This is one of the reasons why 34 percent of the Indian population remains inactive. The energy and strength required to cope up with day-to-day activities is possible only with a sound sleep. So, besides relaxing your mind also try changing your pillow type from a regular pillow to a memory foam pillow, as memory foam has a number of health benefits. One of the benefits is that a memory foam supports the head, neck and spine area while sleeping and leaves no scope of aches after getting up. Memory foam pillows are highly adjustable and function with heat reactive cushioning insulator. This means when the pressure is applied to the pillow along with the body heat, the foam reshapes itself to provide the right comfort.  Doctor Dreams, a sleep specialist brand brings gel infused memory foam pillows  that is available in three variants - regular, slim and contour. The innovative gel-based memory foam gives a cooling effect, keeping heat at bay while sleeping. Here the top 5 health benefits provided by sleeping on Doctor Dreams unique memory foam pillow: Spinal alignment- Discomfort caused by the mattress or pillow can trigger spinal issues. Alignment problems of the spine can cause headaches, neck or back issues. As you lay your head on a memory foam pillow, the weight and height of your body allows the foam to contour to the shape of your head and neck, giving the right support. Prevents disturbed sleep- If you are facing sleep apnea that aggravates snoring, a memory foam pillow can heal this problem. It opens the airway passage, improves breathing and reduces snoring. Anti-allergic and hygienic- Memory foam pillows are made of bamboo and provides safe and nontoxic feature. The cover is made from organic cotton blend and naturally allows anti-allergic properties to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and dust mites. Pressure point relief- Unlike traditional pillows, sleepers will not sink in or feel flat while sleeping on memory foam pillows. Memory foam has the ability to give the right pressure points while sleeping and also retains to its original shape after the weight is lifted. Aesthetic and Durability- Standard foam pillows compress with time and don’t give the desired support/comfort. Memory foam pillows are made up of breathable fabric that promotes airflow and keeps the pillow cool while sleeping. It ranks high in durability as the original shape of the pillow is retained automatically. What features to consider in memory foam pillows? Normal pillows are not manufactured with an intention to promote good health. These normal pillows are only fit for resting. So, instead look for pillows, like memory foam ones which are free from harmful and toxic chemicals and also supports quality sleep. Doctor Dreams memory foam pillows launched by Nilkamal Limited  are revolutionary pillows in different shapes and sizes, delivering the above health benefits with seamless features: Traditional memory foam and cooling gel technology   It provides removeable zipper cover for easy cleaning The cover is more absorbent made from organic cotton blend, smoother than silk and cools five times faster than traditional polyester. The memory foam used in Doctor Dreams pillow is made from a uniform blend which doesn’t contain any waste or remains from the production. Bread Memory Foam Pillow Is a bread shaped foam pillow made with a blended weave of plush Tencel threads and microfiber filling. Locked with the innovative gel technology, the pillow gives a cooling effect while sleeping. Shredded Memory Foam pillow contains shredded foam, separated into pieces while pillow filling. The shredded pieces of foam move independently, allowing the pillow to be moldable. Shredded memory foam pillow is lightweight and adjusts according to different sleepers. But take a note that not all memory foam pillows are supportive and durable. All depends on the pillow’s quality and shape of memory foam used. Some sleepers may also feel memory foam to be firm initially. However, it blends into a smooth pillow choice gradually after multiple nights. Make sure to maintain a healthy sleeping posture as much as possible. While sleeping, always sleep on your side ways or back to avoid pressure or strain on your neck. Sleep is a necessity and not a luxury. The environment needed for a sound sleep should include the right sleep accessories. A comfortable pillow and mattress form the base of a good sleep. So, do not compromise on the pillow quality and make a good choice that keeps your sleep cycle undisturbed. Doctor Dreams range of pillows are reliable and worth buying as the quality is 100% non-toxic, long term sleep product and highly affordable.
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Buying Guide: What Size Mattress Is Right for You?

Buying Guide: What Size Mattress Is R...

Mattresses counted as essential sleep products have come a long way since they were invented and have gone through many improvements to make them better. Both online and offline markets are selling different brands and quality of mattresses in different sizes and features. Besides comfort, what matters while buying a mattressis the right size. The size of the mattress is a subjective choice based on the dimensions of your bed and the height of the person using it. According to a study, if there are constant body aches and the pain persists, then consider your mattress comfort and size once before deriving any other conclusion. People have experienced improved sleeping patterns after replacing the right mattress size. It doesn’t cause discomfort and ensures consistent sleep. Doctor Dreams, a part of the Nilkamal group based in Mumbai is a great choice of mattress brand giving many homes a comfortable base for a happy sleep. It is not just a complete home solutions company, but a household name and a part of millions of families across India.  Doctor Dreams innovative mattress variants include - Max orthopedic mattress and Plus Mattressdesigned with both twin layers and three-layers. It is available for purchase online in different sizes.    Doctor Dreams Different Size of Mattresses With modified mattresses in size and quality, choosing the right size of mattress isn’t simple. Considering an array of choices, it becomes a tedious task to choose the right mattress for a good sleep. A mattress may not only give good health but also a right size mattress matters a lot for a sound sleep. So always remember to choose the right size, while buying a mattress. Keep in mind the size of the bed. A double bed mattress would need a king size mattress and a queen size bed would need a queen size mattress. So according to the bed size, the mattresses are designed for your comfort and relaxation. Here is a size guide to choose your comfortable size: Single size mattress Well-matched for single bed size allowing 1 adult with 36 in  ches dimension. Available in size “72, “75”, “78” inches mattress. Diwan size mattressBest suited for an adult plus 1 kid with 48-inch dimension and available sizes “72”, “75”, “72” inches mattress. Queen Size mattresDesigned for queen size beds and 2 adults. It provides 60-inch dimensions and available in sizes “72”, “75”, “78” inches mattress. King size mattressThe most common and a double bed mattress best suited for double bed dimension of 72 inches and available in “72”, “75” and “78” inches.  Doctor dreams diverse mattress size ensures affordable price, inclusive of taxes and additional low-cost EMIs might entice you to buy different types and sizes of mattresses for a good sleep and healthy body. Good sleep and health are your investment, so invest your money in a mattress that gives you lifetime well-being. A mattress is one product that is not changed very frequently. A mattress life ranges between 5 to 10years or sometimes more. So, don’t be hesitant is customizing the mattress size too, if needed.
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3 Benefits of Orthopedic Mattress

3 Benefits of Orthopedic Mattress

What is an Orthopedic Mattress? Are you binging on tablets or pills to recover from your back pain and joint pain? These medicines will only give you temporary relief, in reality you are destroying your immune system. Before medicines, give your body the comfort of an orthopedic mattress. This is an ideal mattress with a firm base. It supports the bones and joints firmly and prevents the body from dipping and curling in bed. Orthopedic mattresses are designed to correct your back and spine problems and highly recommended by the orthopedics. Get one today! What are the Benefits of an Orthopedic Mattress? Whether you are suffering from back ache or recovering from an injury, doctors advise you to take good rest and a balanced diet. While we all follow a decent diet, we don’t think much about our sleep. A comfortable mattress is required for the body to heal. Hence, most of the doctors recommend Orthopedic Mattress to patients who have undergone a spine or back surgery or suffers from a chronic back pain. It is any day better to sleep on the right mattress and get away with the pain than eating lots of medicines throughout the day. Suffering from a sore neck or lower back pain? Bring home Dr Dreams mattress that works on reducing the pressure points in the entire body. Benefits of Dr Dreams mattress are endless! The multilayered design keeps the body aligned in good shape. Mentioned below are features and benefits of Dr Dreams Orthopedic mattress: Firm mattress design supports your spine, neck and hip joints, leaving no scope for pain and discomfort Dr Dreams orthopedic Max mattress has multi-layers - a special foam at the base with quick rebounding PU foam covered with memory foam and gel foam on the top, providing maximum relief and support to the back and body weight. With a regular mattress, the body is unstable and toggles several times to find a better spot. However, max orthopedic mattress promises an undisturbed sleep. The knitted stretchable fabric and anti-microbial layer provide resistance from dust, mites, bacteria and fungus, whereas the green gel foam keeps the mattress cool and pleasant. Dr Dream mattress is a water-resistant and a high-density foam mattress available in different sizes - single size, queen size and king size mattress. How do you Choose an Orthopedic Mattress? If the mattress is not firm, then it’s not an orthopedic mattress. Go through the manufacturer’s description and online reviews to make sure you choose the right one. If you are still unsure, compare different mattresses in terms of firmness and density. Check mattress options online within your budget. Some customers even prefer customization to get the mattress close to their specifications. The Doctor Dreams sleep range offers 40% to 50% discounts on mattress, pillows, furniture and essentials. Explore the range of products on and bring home comfortable sleep essentials for a good sleep. Along with the price advantage, the warranty period of Dr Dreams orthopedic mattress is 10 years from the date of purchase along with 100 nights free trial period. Also, one of the best features of Dr Dreams mattress is its light weight that makes it easy to manage single handedly.
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Doctor Dreams - Myths & Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

Doctor Dreams - Myths & Facts About M...

4 Myths & Facts About Memory Foam Mattress There are a few things in life that we can’t help but debate on. Is IOS a better choice or Android? Who is a better cricket player? Is memory foam mattress good or bad? While we can’t comment much on other things, we can certainly help you with the myths concerning memory foam mattresses. Myth 1 – Buying a memory foam mattress will put a dent in your pocket Debunking myth number 1 – A memory foam mattress price is quite high. Well, that’s true, but just for some high-end brands. You can easily find a high-quality memory foam mattress at a reasonable price. The life span of a good memory foam mattress is approximately 10 years or more, unlike a traditional mattress, which lasts for 5-6 years or less. Now, decide for yourself, is a memory foam mattress expensive? Myth 2 – Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is like sleeping on a furnace Debunking myth number 2 – A memory foam mattress is infamous for retaining too much body heat, making it too hot to sleep on. A few years back, this myth was a fact, but not anymore. A technologically advanced memory foam mattress is lighter and porous, making it easy for air to pass through it. A few brands like Doctor Dreams also use gel foam layer along with memory foam to manufacture a pleasantly cool mattress, ensuring a restful sleep. Myth 3 – A memory foam mattress emits a foul odour, which will make you gag Debunking myth number 3 – A low-quality, chemically-induced memory foam mattress will emit a foul smell, but that is so not true for a high-quality mattress. You should always check, whether your mattress is properly enveloped in anti-microbial TENCEL or at least have a knitted fabric or not to protect it from mites, fungus, bacteria and dust. So, trust us when we say, you do not have to clip your nose to sleep on our comfortable mattress. Myth 4 – After a few weeks, a memory foam mattress will have more depth than an ocean Debunking myth number 4 - Memory foam mattress sags after a few weeks. Well some mattresses do compress but not all. A mattress manufactured by Doctor Dreams has a pure PU foam layer, ensuring that it regains its original form without any dips or sags. After all, only an ocean should have depth, not your mattress. Believe in memory foam mattress facts, not myths. Customers can enjoy a price advantage over Doctor Dreams range of mattress and furniture as compared to other sources online. Get great discounts, 10 years warranty, 100 Nights Free trial and Free Shipping. Buy a reasonable, comfortable and doctor approved mattress from Doctor Dreams without any worry. Till then, Happy Sleeping!
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Is memory foam good for side sleepers

Is memory foam good for side sleepers

Is Memory Foam Good for Side Sleepers? This article throws some light on what kind of mattress is best for you if you are a side sleeper. Maximum people turn to the side sleeping position, that makes it a common sleeping position for most of us. Side sleepers sleep on either side but not flat on their stomach nor on the back. Side sleeping is actually one of the most comfortable sleeping positions, especially observed in people who snore. Also, most women, particularly pregnant ladies prefer side sleeping. However, in the long run side sleeping can become quite disturbing as it creates pressure points which can lead to pain. To alleviate this, sleeping on the right mattress is advisable. So, which type of mattress is the right one for side sleepers? Clearly, not every mattress is suitable for side sleepers. Be cautious about your sleeping style, posture and comfort while selecting a mattress. A firm spring mattress would be too hard while a soft mattress will sink in too much, not supporting the spine. The best choice is to select a memory foam mattress that provides just the right support and doesn’t cause pain. Memory foam material was originally developed and used by NASA for the comfort of astronauts. Later, it was introduced as a mattress for the masses. Sleeping style of a person speaks about his/her personality. Here are different types of side sleepers: Snuggers: Lovable personalities who like hugging or leaning on pillows and soft toys while sleeping. Loggers: They are sociable and easy-going people who keep their arms down close to the body while sleeping. Curlers: Sensitive and tough by personality, these sleepers curl up like a new born baby. If you see they sleep with their knees up till the chest. Dreamers: These people have very strong senses; they feel very deeply. While sleeping, dreamers rest their chin on the hands. The posture gives an appearance of a Thinker. A memory foam mattress works similar to a sponge. When pressure is applied, the memory foam mattress compresses and goes back to its original shape when the pressure is removed, much like a sponge. It is widely considered as one of the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on. Memory foam mattress by Dr Dreams, brings in twin-layered mattress for ultimate comfort. Layers of thick memory foam contours as per the body shape and helps in relieving pressure points. Doctor Dreams Plus mattress also comes with a PU foam at the base layer of the mattress that rebounds back to its original shape quickly, making it more durable. Still doubtful about making a mattress choice? Go for a trial! Doctor Dreams provides 100 Nights Free Trial for its range of mattresses. Go for the trial, use the mattress and decide for yourself. Also, get the price variations for different comfort products like nowhere else. Whether pillows, mattresses or furniture, get a discount deal for Doctor Dreams sleep range all year round.
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make your Bedroom Sleep Friendly

8 Unique Ways to make your Bedroom Sl...

Summary: Who doesn’t want a blissful sleep! Besides mental and physical factors, environmental factors also play a significant role in maximizing the sleep experience. The article lays emphasis on essentials that can make your bedroom sleep friendly and stabilize your sleeping habit. 8 Unique Ways to make your Bedroom Sleep Friendly Getting appropriate sleep is a luxury that most of us wish nowadays but only few can afford. Disturbed sleep or absolutely no sleep occurs due to many reasons including stress, anxiety, lifestyle disorders, bad eating habits etc. To save yourself from being a nocturnal creature, you can at least create an environment that helps you sleep peacefully. Following are some essentials to follow for a cosy sleeping environment: A comfy mattress People hardly think of spending in a quality mattress. Compromising on mattress quality can bring discomfort and frequent sleep breaks. Hence, based on your preferences look for mattresses that are made of premium quality foam and will be durable for years. Doctor Dreams is one super comfort brand from the trusted home solutions company Nilkamal group that provides easy to handle mattresses for one and all. This is created with high quality memory foam that adjusts as per the shape of your body and doesn’t affect the posture and comfort. Restful pillow: Take your pillow seriously! Not all soft pillows give comfort. Choose the one that is gentle but not very fluffy. There are so many types of health comfort pillows also available -memory foam pillows, neck pillows, buckwheat pillows etc. Compare which pillow gives more comfort to you. Breathable bedsheets: Along with a good mattress and pillow, a skin friendly soothing bed sheet is also a must. If you are allergic to certain materials, choosing a cotton light coloured bed sheet will help you sleep better. Buy any material that is natural and not synthetic. Wall Paint: Wall paints influence the mind to an extent. White and light-coloured walls are good for beauty sleep and power naps. While choosing the colour of your wall especially the bedroom ones, ensure you pick some soothing colours, don’t go for brighter colours and fill your room with decoration. Invest in indoor plants: It is not wrong to call plants as an investment because they will definitely give you returns. They don’t just add a touch of green to your space creating a positive aura but also purifies the air, acts as a natural humidifier and all this sums up to a serene sleep. De-clutter: Half of the sleep and uneasiness that you feel is due to the clutter present in your room as it creates a negative aura. So, let the plan for this weekend be throwing out all that is not useful and make things organized. Darkness: Keep dim lights in your bed room when its time to sleep. At times, slightest light can also disturb your sleep. You can opt for blackout curtains, these curtains will give your room a dark, warm and cosy vibe that will give you a tranquil sleep. Aromatherapy: Essential oils made out of leaves, roots, blossoms are specially formulated for better sleep and it also aids in reducing stress anxiety, insomnia, etc. All you have to do is infuse few drops of the essential oils in the diffuser and let it flow. A cosy environment will surely give a happy sleeping experience. Hence, start clearing and setting up an environment in your homes that not only brings good sleep but good health too.
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Ease Back Pain this Winter!

Follow Just 4 Easy Steps to Ease Back...

The truth about muscle pain in winters and the ways to enjoy a pain free winter Summary: Back pain in winters is a common concern for many people. This article sheds light on some facts causing back pain and muscle pain in winters and suggests common solutions for pain relief, which is easy for everyone to follow. Winters mean many things for many people – it could be an escape from the sweltering October and November heat, it could mean a lovely weather to spend cooped up indoors or a cosy morning to lie curled up on bed with a book or it could mean thrilling holidays in the snow. Unfortunately for some, winters also mean backache or sciatica. It is surprising but many people in the age group of 25 to 35 also suffer from acute back pain and sciatica during a cold weather. Even those who do not suffer from sciatica complain about pain in the muscles and back during winters. Do winters really aggravate backpain? Let’s find out more. Do winters cause backpain? Yes, the truth is that backpain and muscle pain are a sour truth in winters, and considered as one of the cold weather problems that all young and old go through. Cold weather causes muscles to lose heat and contract, which in turn causes stiffness throughout the body. This stiffness and tightness can strain the spine and pull on the sensitive nerves in the spine causing pain. Imagine you are dressing for an important board meeting and a severe back-pain hits you during peak winters. Scary isn’t it? To avoid such situations, follow some basic safety tips: Dress Warmly Winter is considered as one of the most fashionable seasons of the year. It’s that time of the year when you get to flaunt your jackets, sweatshirts, turtleneck tops, colourful scarves and smart boots. While these winter essentials make you look chic, they also keep you warm and the best way to avoid back pain is to keep yourself warm. Wearing appropriate winter clothes can help you cope with sciatica. Try and wear layers before you step out. Do not Neglect Exercise Getting up early on a winter morning for a walk or gym seems like a punishment. Everyone loves to spend their winter morning curled up in bed. However, the benefits of exercise in winters cannot be ignored. A regular walk or light indoor activity like yoga can actually alleviate stiffness and increase mobility. It is advisable do some light warmups before you start the workout, so you do not hurt your muscles. Watch Your Diet Winters bring a host of drool worthy food on the table from all corners of our country. Who can resist a cup of hot ginger tea with bhajias or bright red gajar halwa made with winter carrots or ghee smeared parathas and many more? However, these winter indulgence leads to overeating and overeating leads to extra weights and extra weights lead to muscle inflammation. These inflammations make backpain in winters worse. The key is to balance it out with exercise as well as by intaking foods rich in magnesium like dry fruits, pumpkin seeds etc. which help in the absorption of calcium. Calcium will not only benefit the bones; in addition, the magnesium can act as muscle relaxants. Modify your Sleeping Positions How many mornings have you woken up with a sore neck or throbbing pain in the back? There are two major reasons for this: poor sleeping position and wrong mattress A good sleep requires a good mattress. Faulty mattresses can spoil the body posture and lead to disturbed sleep. Don’t bring last night’s incomplete sleep to college and work place. Incomplete sleep will keep you cranky all day, with no focus on daily jobs. So, when you are dozing off tonight ensure you sleep right. A poor sleeping position puts unnecessary pressure on the neck, hips and back causing pain. While there are many comforting mattress brands in the market today, Doctor Dreams Mattress from the House of Nilkamal Group uses memory foam that helps relieve back pain by providing a comfortable sleeping experience. It is absolutely a sleep ready mattress, easy to unpack, roll out and get set for a blissful sleep. Do follow these basic steps to enjoy a pain free winter and say goodbye to cold weather problems!
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Improve Your Sleeping Habit

7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleepin...

Summary: The article focuses on improving sleep patterns on a regular basis. Some simple tips have been discussed further to improve the sleeping experience and support overall health. 7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleeping Habit Boost Your Health with a Blissful Sleep Everyday In today’s fast pace life in metro cities and towns, the sleeping pattern is not fixed for everyone. Students might be stressed thinking about their score while the working professionals are thinking about targets and payments. Everyone has their own personal issue that lingers along during the sleeping hours causing disturbed sleep or insomnia. For a peaceful sleep, it is necessary to overcome bouts of stress and pressure as soon as you close your eyes. Poor sleeping habits can lead to various health problems such as negative effects on hormones and brain function. Below mentioned are some simple tips for a sound sleep: Every day get exposed to natural light for some time. It will keep you energetic throughout the day and increase the sleeping duration at night. Reduce night time exposure to blue light, generally found in smart phones and computers. If urgent, wear glasses to obstruct blue light. Do not Neglect Exercise Consuming caffeine later in the day stimulates the nervous system and causes trouble relaxing at night. Drinking coffee after 3 to 4 p.m. is not recommended. Housewives, students, kids etc. who sleep extra hours during the day time nap are expected to get a disrupted sleep at night. Sleep hormones get disturbed in case of consumption of alcohol. Bedroom environment affects sleep quality. Temperature, furniture, lights and noise are certain factors stimulating sleep environment. Relaxing hot water bath can help in sleeping better. Ignoring sleep for work, study or any other reason is not good for health. End of the day, it is advisable to relax your senses and get ready for a sound sleep. In fact, 15 to 20minutes power nap also relaxes and boosts memory. So, if you want to rush for a late-night flight or working for a night shift, a power nap will always help. Doctor Dreams a super comfort brand from the trusted home solutions company Nilkamal group provides easy to handle mattresses for one and all. This is created with high quality memory foam that adjusts as per the shape of your body and doesn’t affect the posture and comfort. Unlike other mattress products, this is light in weight, easy to unpack and its sleep ready. Hence, this is a good option for bachelors, couples, college goers etc. who are newly setting up their home or want to upgrade the existing one. Avail 100 nights trial period and refund is offered only on standard mattress. Trial period is not available on customized mattresses. The return policy must be directly exercised with Nilkamal Limited.
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